Sniping at Corbyn more important than smashing Tories, says Jess Phillips

Firebrand moderate Labour MP Jess Phillips has repeated her calls for Blairite Labour MPs to stay the course in their campaign of sniping against left wing Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Phillips, who is tipped to depose  the current Labour leader  warned: “Labour members and the voting public may find Jeremy Corbyn’s policies hugely attractive, People’s Chancellor John McDonnell may be doing a great job, and all this under a sustained campaign of media monstering.”

“Admittedly, it’s hard to find fault with Jeremy. But despite being elected to parliament many times during his career in politics, and despite also being elected to party leader in a landslide, my concern is he just isn’t electable. There’s no real evidence for it, but it’s an established fact.”

“Look, in an ideal world Labour would oppose Tory benefit cuts, would fight for better public services, and would push for fair redistribution of wealth and resources. But it just isn’t realistic to think we’d be able to win a general election on this kind of idealistic platform. Our only chance is to betray our support base and copy the Tories.”

“I believe moving Labour to the right would be entirely justified. I have always argued that Labour caused the global banking crisis and the ensuing recession, and by voting Labour in 1997 the poor and disabled are directly responsible for that, so it’s only fair that they should now pay with benefit cuts.”

“The reality now is that we must not allow a left wing Labour leader have a clear run at winning the local or general elections, mainly because the resulting improvement in the lives of tens of millions of the poorest Britons would be disastrous for those on middle and high incomes, but also because we need to perpetuate the myth that only Blairites can oppose the Tories or win general elections.”

“That is why I and others have, from the very beginning, waged a war of backstabbing, front-stabbing or any-stabbing against Corbyn and Momentum, to make quite sure Her Majesty’s Opposition is seen to be divided and continuously in an internal crisis.”

“Because if there’s one thing worse than seeing the Tories win, it’s seeing a genuinely left wing Labour Party get in.”

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48 thoughts on “Sniping at Corbyn more important than smashing Tories, says Jess Phillips”

    1. If you look to the left of the screen, at the top, under the name of the website it says “A Satirical Take On The News.” So, it’s not an actual quote from her, it’s an interpretation of her behaviour. The Blairites do pretty much think like that, however.

  1. “Our only chance is to betray our support base and copy the Tories”. Wow a Blairites has finally admitted there is no difference between them. Not even a pretence at opposition.
    Just Tories in red ties!
    I would rather have the truth and honour of Corbyn in defeat than a victory that changes nothing from these morally bankrupt traitors

    1. And to repeat the lie that Labour caused the international banking (our financial woes too) crisis. Jess, you are in the wrong party. Bad loans and bad banking caused the crisis, that is a ‘recognised fact’ acknowledged by those who know! Go and Join the tories were you would obviously fit in perfectly!

  2. if they stab corbyn in the back i for one will never vote labour again ? the blairites are to close to the tory party and have vote for the cap with the tory’s shame on them

  3. Cross the floor if you don’t like your elected leadership. Better yet if you won’t acknowledge or respect democracy in action resign as an MP.

  4. This is satire of course she didn’t say any of it!
    It’s funny but also not funny as beneath the satire lies what the public sees, divisive American style, theatrical party politics.

  5. She makes Trump look highly electable. Only a complete moron would endorse Osborne stewardship of our exchequer over the last 6 years. He cuts benefits which shrink the economy, he withdraws investment in the building industry which shrinks the economy and he gives the rich tax cuts which shrink the economy then he says, “The economy is much smaller then I first thought it was.” If Jess Phillips supports this type of economic thinking I certainly hope new Labour are never ever elected to office again.

  6. On the wrong side of History.
    Blairism is unpopular and your MP’s are going to get a rude awakening if they continue their self-serving career politics agenda.
    People aren’t stupid, they can see right through frauds.

  7. Jess Phillips must be adored by new Labour MPs and venerated by the Tories. She hasn’t got the message that Jeremy Corbyn has been trying to impart ever since he was elected. New Socialism is about honesty to the electorate, not telling them what they want to hear. It’s also about tolerance and kindness toward all those less fortunate than themselves.

  8. Who on earth branded her as being “moderate”..? Adolph Hitler..? Her politics seem to me to fit comfortably with those of Duncan Smith, Hunt and Osborne rolled up into one monstrous creature…and she is set to “depose” Jeremy Corbyn..? Okay, now I’m SURE that this is a script for one of the Dr Who science fiction adventures..!

  9. Amazing! You are supposed to be a Labour MP then? You openly accept your objective is to ensure Labour cannot win the next election and desire the Tories remain in power with their programme of austerity, you should feel ashamed at talking about an ideal world in a Britain where the sick and disabled are docked £30 to pay for the mess of right wing labour deregulating and allowing the city and banks take the economy to the brink! You talk about naive and ideal world, you are not having to suffer the repeated attacks on your welfare as well as services, being punished for being sick or disabled. Have you no regard for social justice or the many food banks and increasing homelessness created by your friendly Tory austerity chums plans? I cannot believe your temerity to prefer this and more under more Tory austerity, rather than the return of what the Labour Party really stands for and was created from. While your fellow MPs get pay rises, help to housing, subsidised food, drink, travel and the many tax cheats of either corporate levels or individual private greed have barely been affected since 2010 and for the years of Blair and Brown. I’m shocked and angry at your disdain for people like me who suffer daily pain and agonies, having worked for the DSS but unable to due to my illness you’d happily have a leader with no concern for myself and the many who are like me, while happily improving the prospects for the billions of lost revenue cheated by those clever, crafty tax cheats and their accountants. I’m disposable and apparently so is my vote, I’m a non-person in your world, worthless and not worth your version of the Labour Party wasting time or credibility in you forming sympathetic support. I’m sure you construct the same populist guff about those poor souls escaping ours and everyone else’s bombs to find refuge, those who have been left in failed states like Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as Libya for that matter. We can waste billions on as much death as long as we’re popular and ignore the collateral human damage, that would be naive humanity I suppose. How about adding the names of all the dead and wounded Iraqis and Afghans to your roll of names as well.? Or is that naive and left wing ? I want a proper labour government not a lighter shade of blue Tory version, if you and your colleagues cannot fulfil that and oust the elected leader then say goodbye to my vote. I hope you will feel comfortable with the UKIP , selfish Tory types you desire to represent.

  10. “There’s no real evidence for it but it’s just an established fact” how can anybody pretending to even minimal intelligence make such a very stupid remark. She needs to know that without evidence, there can be no facts; there is, of course, evidence of her stupidity in this quote. So we can say that it is a fact that Jess Phillips is a stupid idiot (however nice she might be).

  11. I know the comments are in quotes, but have you ever heard of satire? Her anti-JC attitudes are being stretched a little to make us smile. Read it again. It’s very funny.

  12. For the first time in my life I have found a politician I believe in and absolutely want to see as our Prime Minister, that person is Jeremy Corbyn.

  13. IT IS SATIRE. It is inflating the rhetoric of Jess’s criticisms and providing a broad framework to show it’s craziness.

  14. Perhaps Jess should take her “moderate” (think carefully Orwell fans – what is the implication of the opposite of moderate that they are labelling those that don’t agree with the Labour Tories) arse to the side of the house that agrees with her. Tory light was roundly rejected by the electorate. Corbyn was roundly approved. This is democracy. If you don’t like it go to those that don’t believe in democracy and leave the Labour Party to build an effective opposition, something that never happened with the “moderates” – because they agree with the Tories.

  15. Just goes to show how out of touch Bambi Blair followers are but then they are only in parliament for the money they see themselves as getting Millions of pounds from other people’s misery just as Blair did and is still doing

  16. When people are having so much trouble recognising a satire site, it speaks volumes about how toxic the real Blairites really are.

  17. Jess Philips is what I call a Red Tory or a Blue Labourite because her values are obviously right wing if she choses to snipe at the leader she is meant to back.

    In the world of politics, that makes her no better than the gutter press and she should move over to let someone in who has socialist values as its obvious that he has none.

  18. Look.. in an ideal world we would oppose the tory cuts….well that will be never,no such thing as a …real world….What you moderate mp’s should be doing is…getting behind and supporting JC..what cannot be accepted is JC has got a mandate that no other as had.Let us the electorate decide if we want him as PM…

  19. Um, relax, people: “News Crasher is run by a collective of left-leaning bloggers, who aim to poke fun at public figures and satirise current events. None of our stories are true, but similarities to actual events are not entirely coincidental”

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