Corbyn should throw himself out of Labour because of antisemitism, says Jess Phillips

Labour Loudmouth Jess Phillips has caused a media storm by demanding Jeremy Corbyn throw himself out of the Labour party, because a small number of members have been accused of antisemitism.

Speaking to reporters outside Parliament this afternoon, Mrs Phillips said: “I thought I could be a politician and a human being. But when I saw Jeremy Corbyn become Labour leader, talking nonsense about fighting Tory austerity and helping the poor and vulnerable, it was then I realised I can only ever be a career politician.”

On the antisemitism debate, the outspoken critic of social democracy continued: “For many years the very small number of antisemites within the Labour party was not an important issue for me, but that changed when I saw other Blairites and our Tory allies using often trumped up allegations of antisemitism to damage Jeremy Corbyn.”

“Like John Mann, I now believe the wildly exaggerated problem of Labour antisemitism is absolutely the most pressing issue of our time, and without a doubt far more worthy of my taxpayer funded time and energy than fighting the Tories or improving ordinary people’s lives.”

“Jeremy Corbyn was far too slow to suspend Ken Livingstone, and I speculate this may be because he himself is an antisemite sympathiser, or maybe he was once in the same room with someone he didn’t realise was an antisemite. And that is why I’m now calling for Jeremy to throw himself out of the Labour Party to show he’s serious about this issue that I was totally disinterested in one month ago.”


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4 thoughts on “Corbyn should throw himself out of Labour because of antisemitism, says Jess Phillips”

  1. Jess Phillips who is often seen, quite rightly so, standing up for women in parliament, and suggesting that more women should be encouraged to enter into politics on every level. This is why of course she employs her husband to help run her office at around £15,000 min ( consevative estimate) per year. It makes me have verry dicky tuumeeee.

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