Why I’m pretending Corbyn supporters are bigots, by Angela Eagle

By Angela Eagle MP

As somebody on the extreme right of the Labour Party, I’m certainly at odds with the centre left ideals of Jeremy Corbyn, and I have very real concerns that he may actually help the poor and vulnerable were he to become Prime Minister.

Worse still, there are signs that Jeremy Corbyn may even be misguided enough to oppose Tory austerity, or to send Tony Blair to the Hague to face trial for the so-called ‘war crime’ of bringing peace and democracy to Iraq and the wider Middle-East.

The centre-left horror that Jeremy is likely to unleash on the oppressed rich is one of the big reasons why I and my Blairite colleagues in the PLP have so much common ground with the Tories and the right wing media.

And on this we all agree: Jeremy must be stopped at all costs, and the electorate must be forced to choose between the hard right of the Tories and the centre right of a Blairite-dominated Labour. There can be no left wing option.

And that is why myself and others are waging a smear campaign against Corbyn and his supporters, in an attempt to paint them as bigoted, abusive, anti-semitic and homophobic, rather than the caring left-wing idealists they mostly are.

The constant sniping I am doing, together with Jess ‘motormouth’ Phillips and Ben Bradshaw, is a key part of our plan, as it prevents Labour from mounting an effective opposition and allows the Tories to lead in the polls.

Labour now urgently needs a leader who is a woman, has Angela as her first name, and who stands for nothing except personal career advancement. I can be that leader, and that is why if Jeremy wins the leadership battle, I plan to launch another leadership challenge within 45 minutes of his victory.

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