The Labour Party doesn’t deserve me and can f*ck off, warns Jess Phillips

By Dorothy Hotdog

Outspoken MP Jess Phillips has warned she will leave the Labour Party if Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership contest.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, the MP for Birmingham Yardley said:”I will leave the Labour Party because Jeremy sits on the floor”, an apparent reference to the fact that Jeremy Corbyn was recently photographed sitting on the floor of a train because there were no seats available.

“A true leader stands up for Britain, but Jeremy just sits there slumped next to the toilet looking like a tramp. I hate him”, added Phillips.

“A year ago we saw Jeremy stand on a night bus. I might not have agreed with him on anything, but this was a leader we could all get behind. Stabbing works best from that angle, don’t you know.”

“Now he doesn’t even have the strength to stand.”

“Since I became an MP Jeremy has shown his hatred for women by holding me back. It’s true that I’ve only been an MP 15 months, during which time I have threatened his life, but despite attacking my new boss repeatedly it’s clear I’ve been held back.”

“I deserve more from the Labour Party, and if I don’t get it, then the Labour Party doesn’t deserve me.”

Phillips also revealed she’s installed a panic room in her office, and refused to rule out expanding it to accommodate the entire parliamentary Labour Party.

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21 thoughts on “The Labour Party doesn’t deserve me and can f*ck off, warns Jess Phillips”

  1. She just gets more gross. She should look at a pic of Mahatma Ghandi; he liked to sit crossed legged spinning cotton.

    He was a great man. What was it he said again:
    First they ignore you,
    then they laugh at you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win.

    She’s a loser.

  2. First you cry and they ignore you
    Then you shout and they still ignore you
    Then you stomp off in a huff expecting them to follow
    Then you come back with a whimper.

  3. The greatest leaders do not ask anything for themselves but everything for their citizens. Jeremy is a selfless leader , maybe Jess Phillips should reassess why she came into politics if she wants to serve the people . Her ego seems larger than the Labour Party can accommodate. She should move her selfish thoughts somewhere else

  4. This woman doesn’t deserve to be in the Labour party with that kind of language. How can an MP that has just been in the job just over a year talk about a colleague with such deep disrespect. Jeremy Corbyn has more integrity in his little finger than that Jess Phillips will ever have if she lives ’till shes 100. PLEASE GO we don’t want you!

    1. The last time the labour was in government Jeremy Corbyn has no integrity if he did he would step down. this is the man who voted 500 times with the Conservative party. The last time the labour was in government

      1. LOL
        He never voted 500 times with the Tories; he’d rather eat glass. You’re confused. JC voted against his Party/Leader on issues such as Academies; tuition fees; student loans; war in Iraq ect. Sounds good to me but I’m a Social democrat.

      2. No he has never voted with the Conservatives, He voted against Right wing policies such as wars, tuition fees, benefit reductions and any other policy that aligned the Labour party with the Tories. It was precisely because he had too much integrity to vote in line with Tory policy that he felt the need to vote with his conscience!

      3. Hi Jo, no disrespect intended,,Is English not your first language..I post this in kindness..Because Google can translate for you..

  5. Jess Philips is totally deluded and should leave the Labour Party.
    How in the world can any decent , right-thinking or left- thinking person object to a decent , gentle-minded and considerate political leader sitting on the floor in the corridor of a crowded train. What makes this story all the more unbelievable is that the leader she is complaining about is non-other than the socialist leader of a socialist Labour Party.

  6. I’m really hoping that Jess Phillips threat to leave the party is a promise.
    She does us no good and is occupying a seat that a much more able candidate could fill

  7. Please tell me that this is satire – if factual & she is really promising to resign from the Party if JC is re-elected, which he will be, Yes please – Bye bye Jess

  8. Jess, why are you waiting till he wins? Out of protest you could have thrown in your hat now. Just to assure you Jeremy is going to win hands down and we will all expect you once the results are announced you make your statement of resignation and be aware that no one will ever miss you. After all you don’t seem to be a real socialist Labour MP.

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