Donald Trump to sue Mike Judge over Idiocracy Movie

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has announced he intends to sue Mike Judge over his satirical science fiction movie Idiocracy.

The movie depicts a dystopian future in which anti-intellectualism has run rampant, and society lacks any intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, justice or human rights.

Some have likened Donald Trump to Idiocracy’s dim-witted President Dwayne Camacho, and it is this that the thin-skinned presidential hopeful is understood to have taken issue with.

Speaking to a baying crowd at a recent rally, Mr Trump said: “Idiocracy is not a good movie, it’s not even a movie. It’s a threat to national security because it’s trying to hurt my popularity and stop me becoming president. I’m going to make America great again and this movie, these people are trying to stop it.”

“The movie shows precisely the kind of society I want to create and the kind of president I want to be, make America great again, but the way Mike Judge and his bunch of socialists have, uh, gotten back in time and portrayed my ideas so negatively, it’s abusive and criminal.”

“President Dwayne Camacho made American great again, and like him I have a three point plan to fix everything.”

“I want Mike Judge in jail and as president I’ll have the powers for that, but until then I’m going to use the wealth I made using my own incredible genius.”

“I’ll use my wealth to sue Mike Judge and shut him down, get the movie shut down too, and then make America great again by invading a country that has oil and taking it all for myself, uh, for America.”

Image credit: Gage Skidmore

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