Jess Phillips goes back on promise to stop aiding the Tories

Back bench Labour MP Jess Phillips has reneged on her threat to resign if Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected party leader, it has emerged.

The outspoken MP for Birmingham Yardley said: “Publicly I am saying I am a coward for not following through with my threat to resign.”

“The reality, of course, is that my threat was actually nothing more than a cynical ploy to attack Jeremy Corbyn. I never had any intention of resigning.”

“As a careerist who is in politics for power and money, I wouldn’t be especially keen to give up my generous taxpayer funded salary and expenses, which includes the money I pay to my husband for doing some sort of work for me.”

Mrs. Phillips added: “Moreover, the best way for me to help the Tories continue their war on the poor and vulnerable is to stay here and continue to snipe against Corbyn and all those who want to help ordinary people.”

When asked about John Mcdonnell’s criticism of former minister Esther McVey, Phillips said: “Enacting policies that plunge people into poverty and kill them is bad, that much I can admit, but John [McDonnell] should not have criticised Esther McVey.”

“Like numerous mid-ranking German Nazis who were implicated in the atrocities of their regime from the 1930s and 40s, I believe she was just following orders. In any case it’s misogynistic, antisemitic and Trotskyist to criticise her for anything she has done, however evil.”

“But when I joke about male suicide or about assassinating a male colleague, it’s just banter of course.”

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