Privatise food banks says Iain Duncan Smith

Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has provoked renewed outrage with a new proposal to privatise food banks. Private companies would be allowed to operate food banks for profit, conditional on the implementation of a strict regime of sanctions to be decided by DWP officials.

Food banks are not for profit organisations which provide food to those who are unable to buy sufficient food to avoid hunger or malnutrition — problems which are often the direct result of benefit cuts or sanctions.

G4S, expected to be among those preparing a bid to run food banks across the country, caused a furor last month when they published a report proposing that food bank users should be electronically tagged and should be made clearly identifiable by wearing a special badge.

A spokesperson for the DWP said: “Iain Duncan Smith is leading a revolution against welfare, and it’s essential that nothing stands in the way of the DWP’s plan to starve the sick, disabled and unemployed into a zero-hours contract at Poundland.”

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40 thoughts on “Privatise food banks says Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. Just how low can this man go? My husband and I are old age pensioners and do what we can to donate to these foodbanks. This man is worth millions, what does he do? It’s time he was sanctioned for not doing his work properly…..oh I forgot it would not matter to him. He has money to feed his family and pay his bills !!!

    1. I feel for you Patricia , this man claims upto £40 in expenses for breakfast alone and calls the rest of the nations poor “scroungers” .

      Unfortunately Theresa mays husbands ties with virgin Medicare and shares in G4S tell me this isn’t going to subside anytime soon .

      I believe we have a real opportunity here to turn things around and bring in the new clement atlee . That Is Jeremy Corbyn . The establishment are running scared and trying to defame him every step .

      It’s time to help ourselves by voting the selfless humble man that is Jeremy Corbyn .

  2. I think there should be a mass uprising and demistration against the Tories goverment and a vote of no confidence in the present government. which would trigger a election.

    1. this is absolute sense. Opposition parties should form a block vote and vote against everything the tories propose. this should ultimately result in the UK being ungovernable and result in a no confidence vote.

    2. Agreed. We have already tried via 38 degrees with a quarter million signatures but the house of lords ‘decided’ it wasn’t worth discussing.

      What needs to happen is a physical march which disrupts everything. If the people are marching and not working, the Rich will pay attention

  3. This man needs sacked from.cabinet post hes not fit to.hold public office . Dictator to the core .. and be charged with crime against human rites

  4. Dick Turpin again robbing poor feed the rich it charity government robbing and church and Charles stand up to the high vwhy men lol bring back labour

  5. WHY O WHY O WHY does this man just leave the poor vunerable disabled alone, he has to be the most evil man ive known in politics i thought thatcher was bad, why does he have to keep picking on the poorest of people has if they are not punished enough by his sanctions and cuts, im sure he wont be happy untill we are all dead and theres no more welfare. things will only get worse and worse if these tories are allowed to keep being in power. cant believe he wants people tagged and badges. he might aswell say HI VIS JACKETS WITH SCROUNGER ON THE BACK. unbekievable and now he wants companys to make profits how can they do that the only way is to charge folk and thats defeating the object. And G4S running it omg thats a disaster waiting to happen ………. LEAVE US ALONE IAN ADOLF SMITH

    1. Why G4S, teresa Mays husband major share holder, tagged for food , didn’t the so called migrants kick off about this saying it was against their human rights and stigmatised them??? As they say what’s good for the goose and all that .

  6. does this man live in the same world as the majority of us …………………..silly me of course he doesnt , hes never known hardship or how to go without in his life , him & the tories won’t be happy til they’ve brought back the poor houses & us oiks know our place in life


  8. what planet is that man on does he know whats going on in this country what kind of person votes for some one like that or his party does he know this is the 21st centuary he is living in victorian times he would have all the poor people going with cap in hand for a crust of bread cameron should sack him

  9. i dread to think of what this country would be like without food banks crime would hit the roof lol maybe he should try living off a food bank for week or 2

  10. Is this a spoof? If not I am gob smacked. I know IDS is scum, who doesn’t? But privatising not-for-profit Charities that rely on the public for their goods is too much even for a piece of sh*t like IDS.
    There has already been an on-line Petition for a vote of no confidence in David Cameron, with just under 200,000. It was ignored by the Tories. I am at a loss on how to stop this evil Government. Revolution?

  11. If this idiot does give the food bank to these profit make scum I will be one who will never give food while his cronies are running the food bank I put into food bank twice a week at Asda and Tesco for these poor families that cannot afford

  12. Satirical it may be , but it is just the sort of idea that would appeal to him and he would think nothing of making it a reality.Straight from the Wizard of Oz this one. It is not his brain that is missing but his heart.

  13. I am sickened by this evil man and his evil regime. I have never used food banks and hope I never have to, but what this government is doing to the sick, disabled and needy is nothing short of criminal. Their day of reckoning will come but it seems they’re feathering their nests while they can.

  14. first drive people into starvation via vicious welfare cuts
    second cut benefits even more
    third apply punitive sanctions for minor DWP lapses
    finally dangle profiteering lunatics (G4S etc) in front of poor people and laugh all the way to the bank.
    you couldn’t make it up unless your name is IDS
    arise ye strarvelings from your slumber

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