Remove benefit claimants from electoral register, demands Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith has reportedly demanded that those in receipt of benefits be removed from the electoral register, according to a letter leaked to the press today.

The Work and Pensions Secretary justified his request by arguing that it is unfair that people not currently paying into the system, either through working or by being high net wealth individuals, should be allowed to have a say in how public money is spent.

His letter to the Prime Minister went on to suggest that withdrawing the right to vote in this way, would provide a “much needed incentive for the workshy, ill and disabled to find work”, and for those in work to stay “in work and off benefits”. The letter also questioned whether those under the age of 25, who tend to be “more prone to idealism”, ought to be permitted to vote, albeit with a possible exception “for members of the Young Conservatives.”

There is speculation in Westminster that the timing of this letter is related to the upcoming referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU, and a possible snap general election that some are predicting to take place thereafter. In this context, barring  voters who are the least likely to vote for ‘Brexit’ or for the Conservative Party, may be seen by some as a useful measure.

A DWP spokeswoman refused to comment directly on the leaked letter, but told reporters: “Iain Duncan Smith believes that in a perfect world everybody would be able to enjoy a full suite of human rights, but with rights come responsibilities, and some rights should only be granted to those who have paid-in.”

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91 thoughts on “Remove benefit claimants from electoral register, demands Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. I paid in forjust over 30 years until I cared for a sick husband saving the government thousands and then I myself was made Disabled by an idiot driver and my own daughter is my full time carer saving the government thousands again. Why do mp’s not take a wage reduction and stop the claiming expenses instead of making us pay by not being allowed things. We are entitled to vote what are they afraid of

    1. exactly, what are they afraid of? I too look after my disabled husband, after both of us paid in to the system all our lives, the benefits, ‘attandance allowance’ help us keep our head above water, and I don’t see why we should ever be denied the right to vote, which some people in this country died for.

    2. You’re quite right. My blood is boiling as per usual. I voted Tory in 2010 but I realised my error and didn’t repeat my error in 2015. I’m not a socialist and equally hate communism and fascism.

    3. Well said – if all the carers stopped doing there work, it would cost £billions.
      To punish someone for being ill or disabled is pure evil.
      IDS is the nearest you’ll get to a Nazi !!!!?

    4. Very well said Joan Abbot, they won’t take a pay reduction and there scared that this time there going to be voted out because they have shown how what 2 faced liars they actually are!! I agree some people can not help been on benefits, and some can because they don’t want to work, like these people that have 12 kids they keep having kids because they know that they will get more money than working, but I don’t believe that they have a right to stop people on benefits from voting as some people could have only just lost there jobs that they have had for years but they aren’t thinking there just trying to get the votes down so there not voted out…….well we need these drug idiots out!

      1. Have you heard of the benefits cap.. Introduced by the Tories it means there is a maximum families can claim regardless of how big their family gets…… At least get up to date with your information before spout off rubbish.

        Many people can’t find a job either. When I got made redundant I managed one interview in a whole year applying to an average 500 jobs a week in my area. At 51 no one wanted me when they can pay a younger person less or even get free workers on workfare. This government are stacking the odds against the poor, the lowest paid and even stuffing it to those who have worked all their lives ie…. Steel workers and what do they do to help them they but the steel they need for national contracts from cheap foreign importers…. Yeah there are a few workshy but most I met were desperate for jobs. Me, well I started my own business and was doing very well but with this lot taking more and more from people’s pockets in the lie of austerity where always the poor get poorer and the wealthy get wealthier, my business is now on its knees and my efforts destroyed by the regime of nazi like government. If I am forced to go on the dole again do you think I will be treated any differently for having tried? No I’ll be treated like another ‘lazy scrounger’!! So do me a favour at least get your facts right instead of helping this bunch of thieves with their nasty lies

        1. you might like to know that the government’s own figures show that just 0.7% of benefit claims are fraudulent and that figure falls to 0.4% for the sick & disabled, yet their rhetoric has been enough according to one poll that the general public believe that 34% of claimants are ‘workshy’ !!

    5. It’s the people at the top of our society rather than those at the bottom who are the worst culprits as far as reckless irresponsibility is concerned. They are the ones who avoid paying billions in tax and manipulate markets for their own ends etc etc etc. Ian Duncan Smith is an evil, cruel bully who takes pleasure in hurting those at the bottom while rewarding his friends at the top. Denying poor people the vote will further divide our society and create resentment and a massive chasm between citizens.

    6. Me too Joan he can do one this vile creature makes me feel physically sick. Who thye hell does he think he is. Both of us have paid in more than our fair share over a combined 82 years of working. My husband worked 60 to 70 hours a week for nigh om 36 years until his business went bust ( down to a tory government) then after went and got a full time job until in 2005 he was diagnosed with Cancer, he battled this and now is cancer free but treatments have left him with COPD, severe muscle wastage, and a whole list of things, he is 67 now and in a wheelchair, I gave up my full time job in 2011 to look after him full time hence saving this government millions in care costs.

    7. you have to see the bigger picture here, its not that he want folk on benefits denied the right to vote, its the poor who wont vote tory he wants barred, he knows that the poor, the disabled and the unemployed wont vote for more of his crap, so he wants their right to vote taken away so the tories will win at the polls. very few people are long term sick or disabled, what about folk who have always worked but fallen on hard times, are people to be punished for falling ill or being made redundant. someone needs to shoot this heartless scrounger, he scams more from the public purse in 1 yr than most people on benefits will get in 2oyrs.

      1. well said you have got it spot on its an absolute disgrace he makes us terminally ill people feel more worthless than we already feel I’m same as lot I worked and paid into the system for 30 years and got Diagnosed 3 years ago none of us ask for these illnesses are dissabillities but for us who have should be looked after who as paid into the system omg my blood is boiling and yes you have got it spot on every one on benefits wnt vote for torys and the lower paid what an insult to us he as no compassion what’s so ever sorry for essay I’m fumeing

      2. i entirely agree with the above message he wants to eliminate any one who wouldnt vote tory.As some one who was in employment for 50 yearsand also worked for fifteen of them in a jobcentre i got sick of the way some unemployedpeople were treated….The government thinks we are all brainless idiots.

    8. Well said Joan. Similar situation myself, caring for my autistic son and sick wife. Having worked for over 30 years since I left school, I have spent the last 9 years as full time carer, saving the government thousands each week.
      I agree the fat cats should get cuts to their expenses and lead by example.
      This country gets more like a fascist state every day.

    9. Joan. You ask the question ‘What are they afraid of?’ There are a number of answers to that (polite ones I may add), but I think the best one is: They are running scared (again to put it politely) of getting voted out in 4 years time

    10. I feel for you but this man is the new Antichrist his constant pursuit in persecuting the sick and disabled is nothing short of evil. This man tried to prevent, by law, access to the freedom of information act to find out how many have taken their own life due to his actions, nothing short of disgusting human being and I use that word loosely ,very loosely

    11. this is a joke I’ve played taxes for years but come off a ladder 8 years ago I’ve add 4 opps and still can’t walk without crutches what about ppl who av add accedants he needs to watch the road in case a car hits him or mounts the curb karma and he’s life changes mind you he clams bout 39£ just for lunch now that’s a scavenger

    12. Wasnt so long ago they were saying its human rights to vote an wanted prisoners to be made to vote so y chsnge again cause they know people on benifits will vote no to e.u an will vote tory to get them out more scaremongering frm cameron an co

  2. Oh my word. This is unbelievable.
    People are on benefits do many different reasons as the last above tightly said. This countries people fought long and hard go votes for everyone. I truly hope this is a hoax.

  3. I worked from the age of 16 till the age of 43 with a disability ,I work 12 hour shifts most of the time 6 days a week ,the only reason I finished work and know on benefit is my disability got worse, its a shame that cunts like you don’t practice what you preach, you take a lot more of tax payers money in a year than I will take in 20 years , how about they stop the Mps expenses and just put you lot on a basic wage , you are pathetic Mr smith. your meal expense a day will be by shopping expense for 2-3 weeks ,so do use all a favour go jump of the nearest big building .

  4. And when you have paid in for 38 years and the last 2 as pt worker, and circumstances dictate I can continue – I get nothing. What about the 38 years I paid in ??????????????? Mp’s mis management of the funds at their disposal is a disgrace – stop your fraudulent claims and dishonest tax avoidance that would save millions. AND you only want your buddies to vote – discrimination or what.

  5. This man is a evil he should not be in a position to dictate to the most vulnerable people in our country. The ECOHR is already investigating him for gross neglect of duty regarding DWP deaths and unfair sanctions. He’s a nasty fascist not fit for purpose.

  6. This is dehumanisation, and only half a step away from fascism. Everybody has a right to a say in who governs the country and locally. It shouldn’t matter whether a person is currently paying into the public coffers or not. They may have done so in the past, and they may do so in the future. This suggestion is a disgrace, and Duncan Smith should be ashamed to suggest such a thing. What’s next – only those earning over a certain salary entitled to vote, use the NHS, or educate their children?

  7. lmao, so sick and disabled r getting hit YET again, oh how i wish he had serious health problems, whilst ur at it dickhead, bring back poor/work houses, hang a kid for stealing a loaf of bread, jerk off !!!!!!!

  8. I had to retire after paying into the system for 46 years, I am now on benefits through Ill Health surely people like myself deserve to vote.

  9. What a horrible man I’ve worked since I left school but now don’t threw ill health which is not my fault and there’s a lot of people out of work because they have been made redundant so there would be more not votin if he ad is way that would suit him down to ground vile man

  10. Maybe he could comment on MP’s that have made false expense claims being able to keep their jobs and have a say in how the country is being run.

  11. We do not really get a say in what they spend! Their wages, funding wars etc… They seem to do what suits them and benefits their own. I hope this is really satirical!!

  12. Why not give us all a pill and finish us off, What a uncaring ignorant lying scumbag he is, there are such things as illness and disabilities. Some of us are NOT LIARS. Just in constant pain and stressed out with assessments

  13. Our country is a democracy where every person of an eligible age has the right to vote for which ever political party or what side in a referendum without prejudice. Ian Duncan-Smith needs to reign himself in and realise that right!
    I vote Conservative and work for a living but if this idiot gets his way I’ll cast my vote elsewhere.

  14. So when I a disabled person who buy things, pay my bills and go anywhere…I get to go tax free? That’s good enough…I want a refund of ALL the tax I have paid…

  15. That Ian Duncan Smith a monkey. That man’s knows nothing about people that’s disabled. I have worked all my life through I’ll Health I had to give up work I don’t get anything from the government because my husband works.

  16. What a total cockwomble!!! Don’t he realise now employers do credit checks and if you don’t show up on the electoral roll they bin you application. TWAT!!! Who voted these dickheads in! No one I have spoken to have.

  17. Guys….you should really look at the “About News Crasher” link at the top of the page. In particular the sentence that says….

    “News Crasher is run by a collective of left-leaning bloggers, who aim to poke fun at public figures and satirise current events. None of our stories are true, and any similarities to actual events are purely coincidental.”

    I have no doubt that IDS might think this would be a good idea, but seriously, how anyone can see this as not being satire is quite worrying.

    1. “We also want to make a rather more serious point:- The Tories are so incredibly awful that a great many people find our fake news stories all too believable.”


    2. I read this article and fell for it totally, the reason being is not so long ago IDS commented ” sick, ill and disabled people should not expect the government to keep them out of poverty, the only way they can make sure this doesnt happen is if they work their way out of poverty. With our help this will be made a reality ” I dont usually fall for satire, but this sounded like its something he would want. Also Cameron has said in the past, ” there are people living on the fringes of society, they contribute nothing, just take why should these people be allowed to vote “. On a final note it seems many people who have being sanctioned have vanished, where are they ?

  18. Two can play at this game. Ok he wants to stop people on benefits from being able to vote. Lets turn the tides on these members of parliament. From now on when their time ends as an MP they should have to be Financially AUDITED and jailed for discrepancies in expenses, unpaid tax, back handers, also if found guilty should be stripped of wealth which should be given back to the treasury. Then he would be unemployed as he would be classed as a criminal and would not be able to vote. SORTED

  19. What a complete & utter prat, l’m disabled l tried finding work in my younger days but was unable to get any due to my condition.. when l did work l paid into the system, so why should my right to vote be taken from me…

    No one asks to become disabled or has any control when they are born with a illness that causes disability.

    Instead of making out that all those on welfare are workshy maybe Mr Smith should re frame from doing so..

  20. And yet consideration is being given to awarding prisoners the vote. It shows the priority given to disabled by this government!!

  21. I’m disabled and bed bound due to mutable organs failing and type one brittle diabetes, stage 2 kidney failure along with many other medical issues, but may not be able to vote in the future due to myself claiming is completely outrageous, There promises and quotes such as “we will help the genuinely disabled” really didn’t matter did it?, One thing is for sure is that I won’t be voting for this party again.
    My Partner is my full time unpaid carer saving the Government thousands. Ian you should step down effective from yesterday.

  22. I suppose that would include the multi-millionaires Mr. and Mrs Cameron, after all, they were claiming Disability Living Allowance for their son Ivor while he was still alive!

  23. Since they have been in all they do is change the law to suit them selves all they are are sheriffs of old rob the poor give to the rich

  24. It is a satirical website folks. It is wee joke, so calm down!! Although it is the sort of shite that would come out his mouth…

  25. They are worried labour may get in if there is a snap general election. They perceive the working class, disabled and those on other benefits as being the lower classes and therefore labour voters!

  26. Basically there is no logic behind what Ian Ducan smith is saying , just pure nastiness. The Tories want as much as possible to curtail people’s human rights, so they can bring back a system
    that is owned and run by an exclusive elite.

    Similar to before the Welfare state came into being. That time saw real poverty in the U.K with no help for the most needy in society. This is what a lot of Tories want to go back to. Then they can control the work force and all workers rights can be wiped away.

  27. I joined the army at 16 in 1970 left in 1985 I did 72 hour night shifts on October 1996 not one day on the sick in november96 iwas told by doctors Bristol I would never work again due to damage to my lower back and neck due to servise in Ireland they took me off esa in November 2015 I have lower back pain pstd they stopped all benefits for 12 weeks my army pension and disability pension pays all my bills full council tax and rent

  28. some ppl can’t help been on benefits due to health and accedents hope karma pays him a visit 39£ for lunch and they clame that bk bloody scavengers that’s a lot for some ppl just go’s to show

  29. Everyone condemns laziness in his own way. But being rich doesn’t necessarily means being diligent. Real diligent man may not worry so much that he is being taken advantage of.

  30. If this is accurate, then it’s an abhorrent suggestion. Depriving any citizen of this country of the right to vote is anti-democratic and strikes at the heart of the liberal values Britain prides itself on. With Hunt’s imposition of the junior doctors contract today, a vote of no confidence seems in order….

  31. This would never be the policy of the Conservative Party. This minister should resign or apologize. Cameron and the left wing of the Party would never agree with this

  32. This idiot just does not give up persecuting people who are not in work for whatever reason . Does he forget he is taking money every day from us tax payers no matter how little we pay it is still paid in to keep these idiots in parliament . I really object to I D S trying to take away the votes because the bunch of loons know the British public are sick of their underhand tactics and massive lies day after day . Court of human rights come to mind . If he takes a pay cut of 50% and the rest of them and stop claiming expenses which no one else gets ,and we stop paying for their second homes then God only knows the UK would have less debt mostly caused by their greed ..on one hand the have cut benefits,housing benefits ,spare room tax to cut payments ,cut our forces pay and the amount of men/women etc yet they then give themselves big pay rises .. Satan must be so proud of the whole bunch

  33. This arrogant dangerous man keeps making the poor and vulnerable suffer…he needs to step down from his job because its obvious to everyone that he’s got no rights being in parliament after he lied about his qualifications on his CV

  34. the scary thing is, this article is so close to what this “man” is actually doing now,people have not realized it is satire-I believed it myself reading the first paragraph or so.I think newscrasher should be careful what they publish less they give the tories ideas,I’m not even joking

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