I’m even more socialist than Bernie, says Clinton

Democratic Party hopeful Hillary Clinton has today shocked the country by parading her left-wing credentials. At a packed news conference, Hillary raised the stakes in her battle with social democrat Bernie Sanders by claiming to be “even more socialist than Bernie.”

Mrs Clinton said: “Thanks to my superior wealth creation ability, I’ve paid way more in taxes than Bernie, despite being a lot younger and not having the benefit of white privilege. And all those taxes have gone to help pay for things like medicare and other public services Bill and I are way too rich to use.”

“The vast personal wealth I’ve amassed during my career in politics is merely resting in my account; just as soon as I’m elected president of the United States, this money will be donated to a variety of charities and causes to improve the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in our horribly unequal society. That’s 32,015,000 reasons to choose me as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.”

The announcement was greeted with some skepticism. There have even been suggestions that this is a cynical, last-ditch attempt to steal support from Bernie Sanders, after he overtook Clinton in the polls this week.

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9 thoughts on “I’m even more socialist than Bernie, says Clinton”

  1. Just like Mitt Romney’s claim … “Elect me and I’ll give you a job” while he shut down a factory, laid off 760 workers and sent all the machinery to China.

    1. NO not the same since Romney was saying this to a room full of 1% folks in an exclusive meeting. You have no idea what you don’t know about Ms. Clinton, who is the most experience candidate between all parties. She never laid off workers nor move jobs to China. She also did not sell out the senior citizens and Low income families while negotiating the co-Chaired Budget with Republicans but Mr. Sanders has. Both groups are losing benefits under the 2016 Budget that was recently signed into law. Yes, he expressed concern but was able to change any plan the GOP had. [Fact]

    1. This has to be a hoax. She could not have spoken those words. I am a Bernie supporter and I would like to have had her say those words. If she actually did then she is becoming desperate.

  2. Bernie never amassed wealth because he is not for sale you hypocrite liar! You owe the drug companies who are robbing the people of America, and you ow Wall Street to never fix the political finance system (buying elections and the people’s voice) and you owe the military industrial complex you war monger

  3. what a brillaint strategy! we shouldnt give her money so it can trickle down to the rest of society! see, she really IS The Esablishment Candidate! Never knew whe claimed tonswing both ways?!

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