Even Our Lord Jesus Christ didn’t suffer this kind of persecution, says Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith has today lashed out at critics of his treatment of the disabled, the ill, the unemployed, and those who are in receipt of in work benefits.

The Conservative MP for Chingford and Woodford Green said: “Look, I went to look round Auschwitz in 2009 so I know about suffering, not to mention what human beings can be made to do when demonized, brutalized and starved, in a cold bureaucratic place of death.

“Little did I know that in 2010, only a year later, I would take charge of the DWP, reshaping it into a cold bureaucratic place of death. Nor did I imagine that I would soon have the opportunity to plunge children, the sick and disabled into poverty, or to force people to work as virtual slaves at Poundland, for the benefit of the wealthiest.”

The minister continued: “The way I’m being persecuted by the disabled, the unemployed and those who have died immediately after being declared fit for work is hurtful and completely unjustified. Even the persecution inflicted upon our dear Lord Jesus Christ pales in comparison to what I’ve been subjected to; I’m just trying to get on and do my job.”

Some might say Iain Duncan Smith learnt the wrong lessons from his tour of Auschwitz. The full text of his report on his visit, as part of the Lessons From Auschwitz project, can be found here.

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12 thoughts on “Even Our Lord Jesus Christ didn’t suffer this kind of persecution, says Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. you deserve every ounce of persecution that u get…..you are a heartless piece of shit that doesnt have a shred of decency anywhere in your body

  2. What is it with you lot, Cameron ” only God can judge me ”
    And your quote IDS.
    If your that good on the bible, remember in who’s dominion you live.

  3. How pathetic, and how dare he draw parallels with JC. JC would have been among IDS’s detractors had he been around.

  4. he deserves everything he gets. our lord jesus christ helped the poor. he didnt persecute them like your doing and you will be judged. i hope you rot in hell for what you have done to the poor , the sick and the disabled. you have no compassion whatsoever.

  5. Think about what Jesus did to help people in need. Then compare with what you are not doing. God help us, and I pray that your eyes will indeed be opened to the enormity of your policies, which are in fact very similar in every way to those of the Nazis. Where is your conscience ? Have you sold your soul ?

  6. How very disgusting to use the name of Jesus to justify your actions speaks volumes f you as an individual, are there no depths that you will sink to in order to convince yourself that you are right.
    Your whole party is predicated on lying to the public , you disgust me.

  7. This proves what I’ve asserted for a long time – Smith has Messiahnic delusions, along with being a narcissistic psychopath. He really does believe that his persecution and vilification of the poor, the vulnerable and the disabled is some sort of holy or divine mission!

  8. just trying to do his job he says? that’s what hit-men say, just doing his job. the problem here, is IDS has no connection to the working class in any aspect and will never understand the way of the people as his views on class are of the judgemental kind, quick to tar us all with the same brush.Yes there’s good and bad in every walk of life, its being able to weed those people out and do what is right by the people, for the benefit of the people but instead just wave it off as theres so many that need help, the attitude of making it a quick tar of the brush so to speak, seem to make them think it absolves them of any real problems it causes in the long run. radical change is needed to reshape this country, and to restore some faith in those who are put in place to govern us.

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