Iain Duncan Smith to be ‘role model’ for the disabled

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith has today given an speech outlining his plans to become a role model for the disabled.

His proposal includes being subjected to a rigorous Fitness to Govern test each year, to set a positive example to those who are disabled and already undergo similar testing.

The test is to be drawn up by his wife Betsy, and will employ the rigour that the Secretary of State has become known for in his life. He said: “I particularly welcome the involvement of my wife in this political stunt, and I firmly believe she can give the same level of taxpayer value that was last seen in 2002 when she was my diary secretary.”

“In addition to having had an illustrious military career and fathering a substantial number of children with my millionaire wife, I also have a quite extraordinary academic prowess. I won a place to read management at Dunchurch, and also studied at the prestigious Italian University of Perugia; even though I was not awarded any qualification from either, the academic rigour involved makes me uniquely qualified to lead the DWP through these difficult times. I am also one of the few people who has ever been able to live on £53 a week.”

“The aim of this project is to be a role model for the disabled, giving them a role model that can truly inspire them to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get back into work.”

The exact details of the sanction regime have not yet been given.

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8 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith to be ‘role model’ for the disabled”

    1. haha this messed up £39 eating breakfast fat get a role model for the disabled. as if not a chance he is no role model for the disabled of any kind. get it right the murderer disabled and sick people. the non tax paying invader has no clue about what is what. the pen and ink boy that knows nothing about real life and how hard it is to live with a long term illness, he has no clue the bubble living free loader, need to go out and see how reality is the Slubberdegullion little man that he is. his plans to become a role model for the disabled, get real he should live it first, then see how much harder it would be for him. the Excerebrose imbecile wouldn’t last 5 seconds. as for his wife Betsy she can do one, haha one of the few people who has ever been able to live on £53 a week. hmm really yeah maybe after bills as her fat husbands £39 breakfast everyday, also her gas and electric must be 20p a week then, because up here its £20 gas £15 electric and that is just 2 bills out of many a week. which a week them 2 bills alone come 2 £35 a week. then you have tv licence then water and 2 other bills 2. live on £53 a week get real there is no way in hell you can live on £53 a week, after all that you have to by FOOD. and there is no way him and his wife Betsy spend £18 a week on food. i’d recalculate you fucking sum’s if i was you. p’s you can’t go of what lazy mps pay as the don’t have real jobs and they pay no tax what so ever. not only that The Tory government are the reason why the disabled ppl I work with are having massive cuts to their care packages, leaving them scared and uncertain about their future. So tell me IDS, how does that make you a role model?

    2. you have no comment then you must be another person that love’s to see the disabled and sick suffer. Iain Duncan Smith a role model for the disabled not a chance in hell, a dangling turd could do a better job, him a role model for the disabled get real. he would have to help them, not kill them.

  1. I hope this article is purely for internment purposes only…what

    I can not think of anyone more unsuitable for that role he’s done nothing but destroy the sick and disabled people,…he needs to resign asap

    1. i agree villan this must be a joke of some kind. he thinks he can be a role model to disabled people like fuck he can, he will never be a role model to disabled people. maybe a a role model to eating £39 breakfast everyday and then saying its easy to live on £53 a week, when just gas and electric comes to £35 a week alone or a role model to killing disabled and sick people. when he get everything for nothing. why should he live a better life style than disabled people do. he is a murder to disabled people, not a role model to disabled people.

  2. Maybe he should spend a week with the limitations and problems a disabled person has,sure hes fathered kids and was given a chance to read at some buisness place,but how would he cope with a gran mal seizure causing incontinence confusion etc .

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