Poll: Should Iain Duncan Smith be prosecuted?


Few would disagree that Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has introduced a number of policies that have been detrimental to those who are disabled, sick, or unemployed.

Some have even gone as far as to argue that a number of his policies are an abuse of human rights, with new evidence suggesting tens of thousands of premature deaths have been the result of these policies.

Should Iain Duncan Smith face investigation and possibly even prosecution for what he’s doing? You decide.

Please feel free to leave a comment below after casting your vote.

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55 thoughts on “Poll: Should Iain Duncan Smith be prosecuted?”

  1. The entire Conservative Government along with past prominent member’s of the labour party are Guilty of Treason .

  2. I can’t believe how in this day and age that I.D.S can get away with such erratic ideas. It’s on par to barbaric, almost medevil . It’s about time he got pulled off his perch, once and for all.

  3. I saw Ian Duncan Smith in Tesco a few months ago, the scene was set and so where the people he spoke to. I know your Dad, Duncan Smith said to one nervous young man, who looked witless at him. Duncan Smith was/is a failed mp, who could not lead his party to anything other than a huge feeding bowl of misery.

  4. why is there no option to have IDS hurtled by trebuchet from a raft at the white cliffs of dover? We could mark numbers up and select the bonus ball for the lottery #funpracticalandlongoverdue

  5. He and the rest of the tory government should be locked up for the discrimination and cruel vendetta against us. IDS is a cruel vindictive sub human toady and should never have a job in politics again. In fact I would love to see him on the bad end of his WCA ,medicals and of course living with some of the disabilities he so easilydismisses.

  6. I was on a CWP which I loved and was never off at all the dwp sent me to an agency called disc (which I may add, is RUN BY KIDS thinking they’re Hitler s apprentices!. I have a daughter who is older than them, and believe me what a fuckin joke!! spoke down to me like I was shit on their shoe which I didn’t tolerate!!! anyway to cut a long story short, I missed an appointment at the local jobcentre the same day as I was at disc and my placement, I then got a letter saying that state your reason why u didn’t attend, and we’ll make a decision whether to sanction me or not!.. Well surprise surprise they did exactly that, and I stated I could not be in three places at the same time, but I would not have managed to get there anyway as the AGENCY DISC GAVE ME AN INVALID BUS TICKET AND THE DRIVER WOULD NOT LET ME BOARD the bus, so I had to walk home from my placement which is a good hour and twenty minutes!. I put a mandatory appeal in writing stating my reasons for not attending, and STILL THEY STOPPED IT!. So u don’t actually have a chance of the appeal,BTW as I had four kids to get home to, I was late for picking my kids up from school!!. I didn’t get home till after 5. Recently I have been ill ..so much so that I’m suffering from God knows and I’m in a lot of pain physically, but doc thinks it’s kidney renal stones!doc gave me a sick note, ran tests sent for a scan etc.. Everything came back absolutely fine I’m still waiting for my scan though! . I’m no sponger,I’ve always worked, And to TOP THAT OFF the last 2 weeks I was in my local jobcentre and had me sat waiting around for 26 minutes last week… Today 35 minutes late to see my advisor, my advisor booked me in to see him, when he didn’t tell me he put in for extended sick leave.. As due to all the shit I’ve had, running around like a headless chicken going to placement, disc and the jobby, in a week for months, said I needed NOT come in!.. Even though he booked me in, decided to PASS THE BUCK ON OTHER MEMBERS OF STAFF!. Because I was THE LAST CUSTOMER IN THERE.. Still waiting, I said to the FLOOR MANAGEMENT, IS HE TAKING THE PISS, I GOT MY INCOME SANCTIONED FOR NOTHING and you can’t be bothered to see me on time EVERY THURSDAY!. Completely utter Bullshit, they ain’t heard the last! Yes get fuckin shot of that ROBBING BASTARD, and yes he should be prosecuted! The people who actually try to get on in work to succeed for their future, have it crushed, because of greedy pricks like him! Fair enough, if I sponged, but I don’t, now they’ve told me to STAY AWAY FROM MY PLACEMENT!…because the doctors have signed me a sick note, so it’s totally out of order!.. Even though it’s voluntary work!which they put me on!. So if u hate your placement, you’re fucked!.. If you love it you’re fucked too! Damned if you do… Damned if you don’t, you’re fucked anyway! So there u have it! Treacherous bastards ran by Nazis! Annoyed ain’t the word, as for me? Looking for work every day! they won’t knock me down, and I’ll still get up! LMAO

  7. I obviously don’t know what other people will feel, but it ‘concerns’ me that this poll about something extremely serious, i.e. the needless deaths of a VERY large number of sick and disabled people at the hands of this evil man, should be appearing on a website that states “A satirical take on the news”. I am sure that the owner(s) of Newscrasher mean well, but this issue is anything BUT satirical !

  8. He must be taken to court if only to forced to answer questions he can’t avade and justerfy his actions and if he proved that he his guilty then the full force of the law must be used and there s no doubt he his guilty

  9. David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and all the Ministers at the DWP should face a Police Investigation into Mass Manslaughter and Conspiracy to Commit Mass Manslaughter which should be easy to prove because even though they knew people were dying they continued with their policy

    1. Not wanting to be picky, but if you intend / conspire to do it, technically it isn’t manslaughter, it’s murder.

  10. This vile creature should be behind bars already, for his crimes against humanity. when a Minister of the Crown enjoys persecuting vulnerable people, we are heading in the same direction as Germany was during Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s.

  11. I think the real question here is can he be prosecuted, and on what legal grounds? If the answer is yes, then why don’t we crowdsource it any nail the creep?

  12. This tory party is unfit for government and have done irreparable harm to people with their misguided policy’s. both IDS and the Con-moron should be prosecuted for murder.

  13. hmm i see rtu ids is one devil to alot of us yet day in day out hes getting away with his aktion t4 plans without much of a ado while our glorious mps talk about it in the side rooms of parliament the abuse one gets cant be right had many driven to their deaths at the hands of dwp gestapo yet we wait for this devil to get his jeff3

  14. This despicable man and all his fellow co-workers are nothing but greedy, money-grabbing thieves. All they have done so far has been swept under the carpet or hidden from the media and general public. It is about time this man and all his followers are put behind bars for life to pay for all the dastardly deeds they have and are doing to this country’s economy and people. They are all a disgrace to humankind. Name and shame them all. They are not fit to be called human. They are evil.

  15. to right he should be, what in the right mind thinks him taking / trying to take from sick people is ok. dropping it to jsa there is a reason between jsa and esa. people on esa need extra support that isn’t FREE. Where as people on jsa are LOOKING for work because they can work, as most people on ESA can not and need help with day to day stuff. but sadly he won’t be prosecuted, i will say this though if we did the things that the government do we would be in prison straight away.

  16. Yes he should be proseuted, for his policies have largely returned us to the nineteenth century, and disregarded all progress made in social provision made over generations. He may not have personally killed anyone, but his policies have, and in this he is not alone for all the cabinet are equally culpable. Worse of all has been the encouragement towards social division, whereas an underclass has been produced by constant indoctrination from the tory controlled press. Compassion for the impoverished has disappeared from public consciousness to be replaced by a social witch-hunt, much in the same way as if you are now of Asian origin then automatically you are a terrorist. There is something quite chronically wrong with our society, and we, the people need addressing it before it’s too late.

  17. The DWP should be Investigated for its catalogue of misery and neglect for disabled and mentally ill people. Lamentable outcomes for most people encountering DWP.

  18. In the real world any person or company whose actions cause injury or death to any other person or persons can be charged with murder or corporate murder. Politicians are supposed to carry out their job so as to benefit the public they serve, not to cause them hardship, misery and death. So charge him and all the rest of the guilty parties.

  19. He should be tried for murder and the rest tried for aiding and abetting murder. Such a corrupt and evil government on a par with the Nazies in WW2

  20. Iain Duncan Smith should definitely be prosecuted for crimes against humanities.

    The man is an unjustly demon who has caused so many deaths against powerless people such as the disabled and the deprived.

    The asshole was even rejoicing when he was less remorseful about the deaths as well as his other ill-mannered demonic attacks against our masses on the welfare state, that are so victimised by his unjustly acts against them.

    It is so sickening that he should be in dental, because he has nowhere to run, nor to hide.

  21. This man is a poor excuse for a human being and the worst kind of tory. Smirking and arrogant, hypocritical with double standards. He acts like this because he knows he can get away with everything including murder.

  22. We need more than a poll we need a campaign to guarantee the severest punishment and not ever stop until we deliver it.

  23. What I don’t understand is why these people kill themselves instead of going after this bastard who actually enjoys the suffering he is causing! I think they would be hailed as a hero and him the villain!

  24. Yes he should there is no need for this £30:00 cut to the disabled and sick people it does not achieve anything apart from unnecessary cruelly to human beings .Most of the people that are sick or disabled are women at retirement age so women have been shat on again .As we should have had our state pensions at 60 not 66

  25. Let the Bullingdon Boys continue sticking their d|cks into pigs gobs, and leave politics to the real politicians who actually know what they are doing !!!

  26. He hurt the poor pension people and he makes me very sick man and he stops DLA benefits to deaf people that not right he is out of order

  27. Yes he should be prosecuted, let us not forget that he is a brnger of death and despair to countless hundreds of thousands.
    DWP workers and his departments ministers are also culpable partners inappylng his vicious directives.

  28. Yes this poor excuse for a man should be prosecuted – so should Jeremy Hunt……..why do we put up with these abusing liars?

  29. The Common Working Man or Woman would be taken to Court for the Deliberate Neglect of any Members of our Families !!! As this Man is Part of a Government that was Allegedly Voted into OFFICE not POWER !!! He is Supposed to be Representing , Fighting for the Rights and Looking after All Vunerable U.K Citizens ,,Old or Young ! However in True Tory Fashion He Has Responded to His Responsability by Looking After the Tory Family Silver and Building up the Cash in their Coffers at the Expense of the Misery and Even Deaths of those who Most Needed his Help and Support …Shame on them All but in this Case Especially I.D.S 🙁

  30. I’ve heard some stupid things in my time but this is up there with them.

    This ‘Poll’ should be linked to the one titled ‘Should we try to educate the deliberately retarded?’

  31. It is imperative with this government that you look at the combined effect of all of their policies. None of them are idiots and all of the front bench have been around long enough to know how things should be done, and how things should be spun.

    by now, 6 years in to their tenure, the picture emerges on how they have acted in a sustained assault against the public sector and on civil liberty.

    For example, I am a disabled man who has separated from my wife and has an autistic daughter who needs to have her own space when she comes to stay with me. I am hit by the spare room subsidy. Then there is to be another £30 coming off my money soon – so from when they came to power, my income has been hit by £60 per week, while cost of living has gone up considerably in a stagnant economy.

    The treatment for my mental health condition is non-existent, due to underfunding in the NHS and services having to triage and deal with only the most serious of cases, so far from my situation improving, I am sinking deeper and deeper into a hole that I can see no way out of.

    And then there is the WCA. I do not go a day without worrying that another will come through – I have had 2 already and they have been harrowing experiences. But if they send me one, and they need to tweak the figures ‘just so much’ then I will be told that I must go and seek work. Each day when the post box goes my heart pounds in my chest and I have to gather all of my resources to fight down a panic attack.

    I am someone who has worked for most of my life and contributed to the system. I don’t think I am wrong in feeling that I have contributed into the pot in order that if one day I am struck by conditions that prevent me from being able to work, that I should be looked after to a basic standard, and I feel as though they have failed me. It is their job to manage OUR welfare state, not to play with our lives in order to tweak a %.

    Finally, for your consideration, when you look at the way that they are dismantling our welfare provisions, you must note that they are pushing retirement age higher and higher. Sickness and disability provision is going to become a much, much bigger issue for all of us, no matter how hard we work throughout our lives, because…. well – we’re human. hitting 70 means that you aren’t as fit as you were at 25, or even 45 – it is imperative that you look at these two policy changes hand in hand.

    When Cameron reshuffled his cabinet – IDS held his position against all expectation, despite the notable failures, UC etc, the massive costs of administrating all of the policy changes, the rise in homelessness and soup kitchens. These are only the jobs that they profess he should be doing. IDS is doing exactly the job that he has been put their to do

  32. Lets get rid of this bull shitting liar and get a human being. What employer wants a disabled person and bauldy takes away the means of us being able to get to work.


    You will answer for your crimes IDS
    is it to much for you to understand how terrible these cuts you keep voting in for ESA will have on the most vulnerable!! why don’t you listen to your peers and see just how wrong your cuts will do to these people…but again you would much prefer inflicting as much misery onto these poor and disabled poeple.

  34. A fund should be set up to build an epitaph bearing the names of the dead, ( and those still dying) of the wca assessments and this should be the legacy of tory ideology and their crimes laid bear for future generations. Start the fund !

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