Ghost of war criminal unaware he’s been dead since 2007

The ghost of reviled war criminal and former barrister Tony Blair has today launched a stinging attack on current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said: “I’m struggling to grasp the high popularity of Jeremy Corbyn, given the question of his low popularity.”

“As a member of the wealthy elite, I’m skeptical of mavericks like Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, who embody the loss of faith in the right wing of their respective parties.”

The former friend of Rupert Murdoch, who denied ever touching Wendy’s dong, added: “Sanders I’m sure means well, but ideas like universal healthcare or affordable education are discredited twentieth century concepts. People need to pay their way.”

Turning closer to home, he warned against reversing cuts to public services: “Free healthcare and education: well, that’s great, but there’s no money. An end to war, but there are always going be liars like me to fool the country into new wars, for which there’s always money.”

“It’s hot down here, you know.”

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One thought on “Ghost of war criminal unaware he’s been dead since 2007”

  1. Bits of this come near to him telling the trueth. i always felt he did not believe in labour values.
    Dot Chambers

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