Heartless bastard warns more poor and disabled may need to die

Chancellor George Osborne has today warned that more of the poor and disabled may need to die, due to new and unnecessary spending cuts in the upcoming budget.

Mr Osborne told Fox News’ political editor Laura Kuenssberg that global economic issues and reduced growth meant “we may need to undertake further reductions” in the poor and disabled populace.

He said in the exclusive interview with Kuenssberg, a political ally of the Conservative Party: “We may need to undertake further reductions in the number of people on benefits because this country can only afford what it can afford and we’ll address that in the Budget because I’m absolutely clear we’ve got to root our country in the principle that we live within our means and that we have economic security.”

He went on to say the “whole purpose of our economic plan was to accelerate our redistribution of wealth from the poor, disabled and vulnerable to the retirees and the wealthy, to whom this country owes so much.”

He added: “All welfare and a decent education does is produce Labour voters. Because of this we are committed to plunging poor families into abject poverty and to destroying their educational chances, as this will make Great Britain Great Great Britain again.”

The Taxpayers’ Alliance campaign group has welcomed the plans.

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12 thoughts on “Heartless bastard warns more poor and disabled may need to die”

    1. Heartless bastard, is that his political party?
      How about we rid the country of all politicians?
      By any means necessary.

  1. Conservative need to be kicked out they r now going to far can’t c them takin a pay cut heartless bastards get rid off now

  2. Rich get richer and screw every1 else. Normal people get a 1% pay rise of there lucky politician get 10% and he say the budget needs to be cut more I know where it can be cut

  3. I’m disabled, I don’t eat regularly and skip main meals as I can’t afford to live. I don’t have flash cars, new clothes, Large house etc etc. Mr Osborne can you tell us how to live on nothing? I haven’t been on holidays the only break I get is in hospital. This government should be held accountable for the disabled & poor dying as a result of there actions.

  4. did he really say those things. Surely if he did he must realise that they would be circulated to voters. Frankly i would be surprised he is so stupid

  5. What a flecking joke, this country can only afford what it can afford he states but they can afford to give our money to different countries the thriving bastard What he meant to say is he wants a raise so to do so the poor and disabled can pay it for him Grrrrrr

  6. Osborne/I.D.S/Cameron all heartless bastards who could afford to donate some of their own money towards projects instead of killing off the poor.


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