My war on benefits is like second world war fight against Hitler, says Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith has vowed to continue his war on benefits despite stiff resistance from the Lords, likening it to the struggle against Adolf Hitler during the second world war.

Speaking to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, the Secretary of State said he wanted to “end the virtual slavery of benefit dependence and replace it with actual slavery.”

Continuing, former Conservative leader said: “I’m battling for Britain against the benefits culture that blights the lives of millions of hard working taxpayers, particularly those earning £100,000 or more, much like we battled for Britain against Hitler and his socialist regime during the second world war.”

When asked whether those on the left who oppose his policies are the devil incarnate, Mr Duncan Smith replied: “Yes, and their humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.”

Alluding to a recent News Crasher campaign to have Mr Duncan Smith prosecuted, he added: “As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice. I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.”

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12 thoughts on “My war on benefits is like second world war fight against Hitler, says Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. Stop bashing the sick and disabled then disability benefit should pay more than jobseeker’s allowance. that’s no brainier its in the names of the benefit’s that give it away. jobseeker’s allowance lets look at that the word in that is job seeker meaning somebody is LOOKING for a JOB because they can work. then lets look at disability/esa benefit. the key words in that is disability/support meaning, people with disabilities don’t have the same opportunities as the people whom are looking for a JOB because they can work. meaning the disability/support is for extra help with day to day stuff. every slubberdegullion pig loving tory rob a hell of a lot more of taxpayers than the people who really need it like the disabled the sick and the old do combined with there extras on there selves. if the slubberdegullion pig loving tories was given them disability benefit just so see how they would do, i would have to them suffer they wouldn’t last a day thats bye bye £3500 suits bye bye £39 coco pops bye limos bye to the bobble living life where there reality is just pen and ink on paper not the real world where nothing is sugar coated for them. then lets see the helminth free loader say and do the same thing then. . i just hope he ends up poor loses his so called job get fat rote and end up sick then say the same thing, i’d love to see the excerebrose little man suffer. he might even do us all a favour like all the scullion Necrophiliac pig loving Tories should do and die. in any case i bet she only want to cut esa or dla as they think it is ok for the disabled,sick and vulnerable to have nothing while he has more freebies of taxpayers while he is still on the rob by taking from them to live the life of larry. what give these free loaders the right to say who has what and how much they need. when there all free loading non tax payingg scum that thinks pen and ink is the real world. they wouldn’t last in the real world but i guess silver spooned rich kids never will there all lonely in there said little world then again they do say about people like IAN duncan pleb rich people without wisdom and learning are but sheep with golden fleeces. anyway if anyone should have a say in what happens to the uk and what to give out. it is the tax payer that should have the say not the non tax paying scum known as cough cough excerebrose mp scum cough cough or any non taxpayer should just shut up put back in to their place counting coins in there coin room, as there not much good for anything else, and give the tax payer the say on what should be as it should be the taxpayers right to have the last word.

  2. It is so wrong to hit the sick and disabled, By all means those with a benefit culture should have their benefits reduced, but the way IDS is picking n those that cannot work is a disgrace. there is no fairness in this system championed by IDS to the extend that people are dying because of the sanctions imposed. surely if he wants t6o re-inact the 2nd world war against so-called benefit scroungers he should build Gas chambers.

  3. This is an end game and TTIP will seal our fate. The EU referendum is redunant really whilst this Neo Liberal lot are in power.

    I am still amazed at the apathy in this Country to the plight of thousands and thousands of people who are homeless, roughsleeping or now dead due to sanctions etc. The war on the disabled and poor in this country in the name of austerity is shocking, and what is more shocking that this devil incarnate speaks of christianity.

    I always thought myself a pacifist by nature – but no longer, it seems that our justice system won’t bring the government/establishment to heel; petitions, demostrations are like water off a ducks back for these facist dictators – our end game will have be to revolt against this nasty bunch of in-bred maggots.

  4. aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado while our mps talk about it in those side rooms of the house of ill repute jeff3

  5. So IDS thinks his behaviour is in accordance with God . Such a deluded man when like Hitler he is killing the most vulnerable in society and he’s probably killed more than Hitler. He’s only interested in the greedy who earn £100,000 or more sod everyone else! If the Catholic Church put s up with the actions of this deluded psychopath then they’re as guilty as him. Ex communicate him and make an example of him since the courts won’t do anything he’s no Christian and makes me ashamed to be of the Christian faith. He’s the Devil Incarnate not those who oppose him. Time for a peaceful revolt – every one against him including MP’s (particularly those in the Tory party who voted against his reforms) should form a general strike and sit peacefully with a candle outside the DWP central office. No Violence – that will infuriate them more because that will be what they expect trouble so they can have press coverage which goes in their favour

  6. I have worked most of my life, I’ve brought up 3 children and still worked, Recently became unfit for work, I’m now 2 months in arrears with my rent, have a disability, have had to go to a food bank, the Housing Benefit paid is half my rent, the allowance I receive on Universal Credit does not cover the shortfall in rent, I don’t have enough for heating or food, I’ve been a Tax payer since the age of 17,I’m now 53, I put a claim into the local council for DHP for extra support for my rent and have I been messed around from pillar to post,There are lots of Ex Tax payers struggling to live.

  7. Well said Sue,this grinning psychopath really needs arresting on sight and sectioning.To have that disgusting attitude about disabled people and unemployed is like fighting against Hitler,is quite frankly the thoughts of a madman.To treat people like this,he really should be dragged before a criminal court.No doubt more people will be made redundant or laid off,just like all the Miners and Steelworkers,and every other industry the Tories have closed down only for cheaper options from abroad.This government closes all the Remploy factorys down and the disabled now have no employment,and dignity goes out the window,and yet this despicable cretin punishes the poor further still.Not a word of the Bankers being prosecuted for ruining the country back in 2008,and they are still on the Gravy Train.The Tories had in there minds when they got in back in 2010,that once the Lib Dems were out in the 2015 election they would be alone to go on and smash the welfare state,and the NHS too.Conmoron has given every rotten one of his MPs carte blanche permission to carry on wrecking every safety net the unfortunates have to survive.We are being driven at speed back to Dickensian times,who would ever have thought that a British government would treat their people like this in 2016.Also the rotten lot seem to be driven the American way re the NHS .Where no money,then no treatment,and that is supposed to be a great idea.Oh how we are going backwards.Their manifesto was hidden until they fiddled the last election,the bastards would never have got back in.I wonder if all the working class voters who voted them back in are regretting it now,shame on them.

  8. This devil in disguise greedy corrupt pig is breaking health and safety rules and should be at least dismissed from the job that he’s incapable of doing,where is the HSE to take him to court and prosecute him for murder and negligence?

  9. As usual I am moved and indignant to hear these terrible stories. IDS is clearly a delusional psychopath without a shred of honour or shame. But I am a dual national, and although I’m Scottish I’ve spent a pretty big chunk of my life in Australia. It’s far from perfect, and sometimes the Australian Tory equivalents have a distressing tendency to try to copy the UK Tories, however we have a proportionally elected Senate that curbs their worst excesses. So let me tell you the LEAST a civilised country should do, because that’s exactly what I think Australia does. It recognises permanent disabilities, and in fact any which are expected to last at least two years, with a Disability Support PENSION (DSP) set at the rate of the Age Pension. And for those whose disabilities are considered permanent, it bloody well leaves them alone and gets on with minding its own damn business!

  10. Poor deluded foolish man , in Christian terms , poor wretched, blind and doesn’t even know it. Morally bankrupt. The mouth and brain of an idiot. No more compassion or regard for human suffering than Adolf Hitler and out of his own mouth Condemned
    Charge him with crimes against humanity and human rights abuse. A criminal and murderer cut from the same cloth. Rich in money and in all other respects poor as a church mouse. If he had any decency he would take the same route out of life as Hitler.

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