People thank me for stopping their benefits, says Iain Duncan Smith

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has today claimed that 75% of people who’ve suffered benefit sanctions thanked him personally for “helping them focus and get on.”

Mr Duncan Smith said: “One man came up me who said he’d been in a wheelchair. He hadn’t had use of his legs since 1998, but when DWP staff tricked him into losing his benefits, this helped him focus and he told me how he’d subsequently adopted a Bruce Lee style training plan that enabled him to grow his legs back again.”

“Now he not only walks, but is a black belt at Karate.”

“Every day I am humbled,” added Duncan Smith, “at the love and affection given to me by the disabled. Some even ask me for their autograph and there’s nothing more moving than posing for a selfie with a formerly disabled person who grew their legs back and can now stand up. It’s all thanks to me!

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8 thoughts on “People thank me for stopping their benefits, says Iain Duncan Smith”

  1. People thank him for stopping their BENEFITS hahaha like hell they do. he is sick in the head. the ones that do thank him must secretly be rich, cause i will tell you now the ones that are in pain suffering and been effected would sooner see him suffer or die that thank the low life that he is. PEOPLE THANK HIM FOR STOPPING THEIR BENEFITS ahahaha what a load of bull. i think he should be checked out it’s not the people thank him, it is his £39 coco pops thanking him because now he can have more.

  2. What a load of crud! No, they do not thank him for sanctioning him. How these people can afford to travel to find him is beyond me when they have no money for food, bills or travel since they have had their money removed. Apart from which, even if they have benefits they would still not be able to afford travel, as they would be struggling to pay for food and bills together.

  3. this man is insane deluded everytime he opens his mouth he lies infact he should be sacked and put in jail for all these deaths caused by his nazi like welfare reforms,cant get over hes said it ,hes defo needing certified under the mental health act,just a crazy crazy man

  4. I would.thank him for not.wasting taxpayers money on stupid things like wet wipes etc as.has been stated on the internet and pay for them out of his own pocket.that is in the region of 250 peoples £30 a week that they are cutting from ESA .

  5. Totally deluded Mr Duncan Smith. Do you realise how ridiculous you sound and patronising. You cannot get rid of aspergers, as my poor son was told when his benefits were cut!!

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