Train operators welcome National Rail Refund Day

Next Tuesday is rail refund day, where passengers have the annual chance to collect a rail refund.

As stated in section 91827(a) paragraph 16 of the terms and Conditions of Carriage, passengers may obtain a refund between 2.15 AM and 2.16 AM next Tuesday morning from a single designated customer service window at Penzance.

This national service is provided to rail passengers on condition that they bring with them no less than 6 different photo IDs, along with a serial number of the ticket machine they bought the original ticket from, and a description of the weather that day for verification purposes.

The refund period has been welcomed by the train operating companies who claim it heralds a new openness towards customers, following criticism last year that refunds were only available from the ticket office on the shetland islands, which have no train station.

Customers no longer have to bring six pints of blood from their first born child.

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