Global tax evasion community disowns man who fucked a pig’s head

The global tax evasion community has today denied any link with alleged tax criminal and UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

A spokesman for the International Association of Money Launderers (IAML) said: “Our members are interested only in the victim-less crime of defrauding the taxpayer of their respective countries of residence.”

“Had we known at the time about the unproven but undenied allegation of sexual activity with a dead pig, we would never have admitted David Cameron to our criminal enterprise. Therefore, it is with regret that we must now sever all official ties with Mr Cameron.”

The announcement by the IAML comes hot on the heels of the explosive revelation that David Cameron’s father used an offshore tax evasion scheme to evade a substantial amount of tax.

But even more damaging for the right wing Prime Minister is his refusal to deny allegations that he has used the same tax evasion scheme as his late father: a non-denial which some observers have taken as a tacit admission of Mr Cameron’s guilt.

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