Osborne poll boost as Chancellor overtakes Adolf Hitler

Hard-right Chancellor George Osborne has received a major boost to his popularity, a recent Yougov poll suggests.

The new poll suggests Mr. Osborne has seen a substantial increase in his popularity since his omnishambles 2016 Budget, with his approval rating having increased from -99 to -97, overtaking Adolf Hitler to become the second least popular Chancellor in the history of the world.

The accompanying report from a Yougov analyst argues that although the increase in popularity is statistically significant, it is likely to be caused by the fact that the Chancellor’s cruel policies are predominantly killing off those with whom he is least popular.

Speaking about his growing popularity, the hard-right Chancellor said: “Adolf Hitler was great in his own way, and on a personal level it is a true honour to know that the British public hold me in even higher esteem than Hitler, despite the fact that I have not yet caused the level of misery and death than the Fuhrer achieved under his own long-term economic plans.”

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