Popularity boost for Corbyn after an international war criminal says something about him

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has received a further boost to his popularity after former Prime Minister Tony Blair launched yet another attack in the media.

Mr Blair told the Sun: “Corbyn is a dangerous man. A general election victory for Jeremy Corbyn would be disastrous for Iraq war criminals like me, and also for the super rich.”

However, the former Labour Leader’s comments backfired spectacularly, due in part to being complete and utter bollocks. Blair’s surprisingly clumsy intervention is seen by many as a last ditch effort to rally right-wing Labour MPs for a leadership challenge, and is likely to have adversely affected public opinion of the right of the party.

A spokesman for the Labour leader told Newscrasher: “We thank Mr Blair for taking time out from his busy schedule of accumulating extraordinary levels of personal wealth to share his opinions with us.“

“Jeremy looks forward to discussing a range of important matters with Tony at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal, immediately after the 2020 general election.”

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