BBC forgets to report massive Tory scandals because Labour may contain two possible antisemites

A shit-storm of scandals surrounding the Conservative Party has been totally ignored by the BBC in favour of an incident in which somebody shouted something at somebody else over a comment that was mostly accurate, if quite ill-judged.

A tired and emotional John Mann MP, who has done little else of note with his time in Parliament, was filmed following Mr Livingstone up a flight of stairs while shouting accusations of anti-semitism.

Speaking to reporters after the incident, Mr Mann said: “The greatest problem facing Britain today is that Jeremy Corbyn has simply become too popular with the electorate. It makes me sad that the people are unable to see how unelectable Jeremy actually is, especially compared to staunch supporters of our illegal invasion of Iraq like me.”

“But after today’s spontaneous events, which were totally not a set up, my Blairite colleagues and I hope the public will now see how absolutely evil everybody on the left of the party is.”

“It makes me sick to think there are people in Parliament who advocate focusing on improving the lives of the poor and vulnerable, instead of bombing civilians and funneling as much money as possible to the super rich.”

He added: “With any luck, Labour will now underperform expectations in the upcoming local elections, and that would give us an excuse to seize control of the party and install an unpopular right wing leader against the wishes of the majority of party members.”

When asked about his interest in painting the left of his party as anti-semitic, Mr Mann said: “The fact that I receive substantial sums from groups who support Israel’s war of terror against Palestinian civilians is in no way connected to my desire to see all Labour party members who disagree with policies of the Israeli government branded as anti-semites.”

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3 thoughts on “BBC forgets to report massive Tory scandals because Labour may contain two possible antisemites”

  1. He has what? —Received substantial sums from groups who support Israel’s murderous war of terror against Palestinian civilians—.Is in no way connected to —-.My big fat backside!!!

  2. I think poor old Ken was only agreeing with Mr Netanyahu when he made all but the same comment last year,” it (the Holocaust) wisnae Hitler’s fault it was all the Grand Muftis’idea”. Funny how Netanyahu wasn’t “suspended” for being Holocaust denier!

  3. During the Labour leadership election, John Mann posted (on Facebook was it?) an ‘open letter’ to Jeremy Corbyn, suggesting that he had been in some way complicit in a hushed-up child abuse scandal connected with Islington Council – a smear that Corbyn was easily able to refute. This Mann character seems to be a thoroughly nasty piece of work – please keep your eye on him…..

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