I’m the real victim of Hillsborough says Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin MacKenzie has provoked widespread public anger by claiming he is the ‘biggest victim’ of the Hillsborough disaster.

When cornered by a Newscrasher reporter, MacKenzie said: “I’m the real victim of the Hillsborough disaster, and the selfishness of the families of the dead in not recognising my suffering knows no end.”

In recent days the former Sun editor has also called for a public inquiry into the victimisation of Sun journalists, some of whom have been accused of picking the pockets of Hillsborough victims and urinating on bodies.

Asked about his reasons for publishing lies about the fans caught up in the Hillborough disaster, Mr MacKenzie said: “I’m a known liar, and for decades I have profited from publishing lies so outrageous they would make even Josef Goebbels blush.”

“I never expected my extensive history of reprehensible behaviour, including some potentially illegal activity, to catch up with me, but I’d be lying if I said I was sorry.”

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2 thoughts on “I’m the real victim of Hillsborough says Kelvin MacKenzie”

  1. The Sun says today in its editorial bigging up Georg Osbourne. (Sat 17 Sept 2016) hoping he does return to the cabinet soon and still could eventually be Prime Minister. – As he still hasn’t written the end to his memoirs yet.

    Boosterising and bigging up the Prime Minister and his likely successors is the Sun’s and all the medias job as part of the establishment not to show them up

    George Osbourne said Theresa May was the best only of those who put themselves forward. – It shouldve been me!!

    Despite being a passionate Remainer; perhaps surprisingly the biggest cheerleader for the Lib Dems to be into coalition so they could be their fig-leaf and take the blame for them; valiantly against T. May’s and all Grammar schools; and of even more immigration (not for cultural or socialist reasons)

    The Sun says they have such strength in depth in unlike Labour who can’t even muster a half competent challenger.

  2. Tim Collins of The Times says on Channel 4 News that like (last years 2015 General Election for Cameron and Osbourne) there is still a centre ground.

    There is still a consensus, but perhaps not liberal (or neo liberal).

    The centre ground is the sweet spot, and its where they both show economic competence (ie: its their money) and care about all sections of society.

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