Laura Kuenssberg: Why BBC must fight Labour and ignore Tory racism and scandals

The BBC’s chief political editor Laura Kuenssberg has waded into the ongoing row over pro-government bias by claiming it is only right to overplay relatively minor problems in the Labour Party, and to downplay the numerous major scandals currently engulfing the Conservatives.

Speaking exclusively to Newscrasher, the former Conservative Journalist of the Year said: “The problem is that Jeremy Corbyn wants to protect the NHS and improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable, but as a staunch conservative I would prefer to see the NHS in ruins, and people who are feckless enough to be sick or disabled forced into slavery at Poundland.”

“When David Cameron decreed that asset stripping the poor and letting them starve to death is now the true centre-ground of British politics, with the tacit agreement of the Blairite faction of Labour, he effectively gave the BBC a green light to abandon the last vestiges of impartiality and train all guns on Jeremy Corbyn, who clearly sympathises with anti-semites and terrorists.”

“Not content with suggesting that the wealthy should pay their fair share of tax, Corbyn is also unable to bow at the correct angle, likes to steal sandwiches from war veterans, and shares some of the same ideals as Hitler, such as being vegetarian.”

“That is why I have cynically abused my position as the BBC’s chief political editor to push a highly partisan political agenda through our erstwhile impartial public broadcaster, the global reputation of which I have now all but ruined.”

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14 thoughts on “Laura Kuenssberg: Why BBC must fight Labour and ignore Tory racism and scandals”

  1. This woman is an Ogre and she belongs to the conservatives.She it a an enemy to the working class and she admits that goes along with the conservative propaganda a the BBC.She denies nothing and thinks that sick people should be forced into slavery at poundland. I WON’T BE WATCHING OUT FOR HER OPINION IN THE FUTURE.

  2. Isn’t that absolute bias against one of the oldest legal political parties in the UK by a yesterday journalist? Shouldn’t the BBC (which is financed by the ordinary UK people) be politically neutrarl? I wonder

  3. I’ve always considered the BBC as a propoganda dept for the Tory government, although never quite as blatently right wing as it presents it’self today. Ms Kuenssenberg makes no apology for the fact that she’s happy to use the BBC as a tool for doing harm to J Corbyn and the Labour party – but what can any of us expect when Murdoch owns 52% of the media, and she’s obviously got her eye on the big time! The BBC has seldom been neutral, but it has had elements within it that kept a kind of balance. That’s obviously gone now and the best way to voice one’s discontent is to boycott it by withdrawing the licsense fee! I haven’t had a tv for a very long time-niether do I read newspapers and I have no confidence in the integrity of those fronting the media or columnists. It strikes me that they’re all bought and paid for by the Corporates and should all be considered the ‘enemy!’

    1. It is by de facto all of us are contributing to the Conservative party by paying for our license …what a Scandal of impropriety?

  4. My worry is that you have to point out that this is satire, it shows what an easy ride the Sun and it’s ilk have when they print their made up shite.

  5. Laura Kuenssberg should either be reprimanded or sacked by the BBC for her biased views towards Jeremy Corbyn.The days of objective reporting by the BBC are long gone and turning more into a mouthpiece for the Tory establishment.

  6. What an evil bitch Kuenessburg is but what else do you expect from a TORY, only concerned with making the rich richer at the expense of those who can lest afford it. The BBC should be impartial in politics so they should kick her out, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  7. Sack her and send her packing back to Tory central office . The BBC is supposed to be un biased , her views arr erroneous and unwelcome to those of us who support a true Socialist Leader , Comrade Jeremy Corbyn , The Prime Minister in waiting . ..

  8. It may be satire but it’s also very close to the mark. Silly bitch is still at it.
    She’s now blaming Corbyn for the Brexit decision and all negative consequences hereafter.

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