My critics are trying to overthrow the government and may be antisemitic, says Laura Kuennssberg

As the row over alleged pro-Conservative bias at the BBC continues, Chief Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg has responded to criticism by suggesting her critics are ‘trying to overthrow the government’ and ‘may be antisemitic’.

Mrs. Kuenssberg’s comments come amid mounting pressure for her to be sacked by the BBC, over the hard-right political bias she is alleged to have imposed on the BBC’s news and political programming.

Speaking to the Sun yesterday, Kuenssberg said: “To call for the sacking of the Chief Political Editor of the state broadcaster, who is also a close friend of Prime Minister David Cameron, is tantamount to trying to overthrow the government. Because I am a women, it is also sexist. And it may also be antisemitic as well.”

“I strongly deny all accusations of systematic bias in support of the Conservative Government. As evidence of my impartiality, I would like to remind people that I have repeatedly singled out Jeremy Corbyn for criticism, often magnifying very minor issues into supposedly major problems, while ignoring much larger scandals involving the Tories. This, I believe shows I have always acted with utmost integrity and without any political bias whatsoever.”

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2 thoughts on “My critics are trying to overthrow the government and may be antisemitic, says Laura Kuennssberg”

  1. I’ve complained to the BBC about her bias and suggest that everyone does the same. (not that I’m holding my breath that it will get us anywhere but )

  2. This woman would be better of moving to Israel where her staunch right wing bias would serve her best.

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