Poll: Should Laura Kuenssberg be sacked and prosecuted?

In the wake of the removal of 38 Degrees’ online petition for the sacking of Laura Kuenssberg over excessive pro-Tory bias, here at Newscrasher we thought it would be timely to conduct a poll. Should Laura Kuenssberg be sacked by the BBC and prosecuted?


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12 thoughts on “Poll: Should Laura Kuenssberg be sacked and prosecuted?”

  1. Laura was very biased towards the Tories and against Corbyn in her recent election coverage. It was framed as a terrible night for Labour-because of Corbyn – when in reality Cons lost many more seats than Labour did. And Labour won 4 Mayorals. She talked endlessly about Labour losses instead of Tory losses. She also talked about how Labour should e doing better. Why didn’t she talk about how the Conservatives should be doing better?

    1. Well said. And in the run-up to the election, day after day it was all about that flimsy Labour anti-semitism story, and next to nothing about the REAL racism of the Tory London campaign, nor about the Tory election fraud story which is only now getting anything like the publicity it deserves. It’s not only what she says; it’s the stories she suppresses too.

  2. yes she should b sacked .AT LEAST.its meant to be the BRITISH broadcasting corporation no the tory ,b.c.

  3. Ben Bradshaw is a pinkie tory, the bbc should be an impartial distributer of news not a mouthpiece for the tory party even if it nly employs so called reporters raised to be right wing

  4. Should be sacked for false reporting and distortion of facts. Surely using her job at the BBC to spout tory propaganda is unethical if not

  5. If you want political news you should not be listening to the BBC. But even by their standards this woman should not be allowed air time.

  6. yes of course she should be sacked and if she is worried about sexisum she has not done women reporters any good with her biased and vitriolic reporting of theelections

  7. Her rage and anger about Corbyn is bizarre. If she was equally angry about other figures in the news she could pass as an alternative comedian, a “Mrs Angry”, but she isn’t funny at all.

    I complained to the BBC back in January when I first heard one of her rants (about Corby’s re-shuffle) but just got a bland reply.

    I don’t think she should be sacked but she should be kept away from issues which she can’t present in a fair way i.e. demoted, and she should be managed better.

  8. I think it is possible for the BBC to sack her but I am not sure on what basis she could be prosecuted. Does anyone else know?
    Kuennsberg is very much part of the established Establishment.
    See her Wikipedia entry for details of her family members.

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