Pro-Tory BBC bias is acceptable because it harms Corbyn, says Labour’s Ben Bradshaw

Labour’s Ben Bradshaw has argued that it is totally acceptable for the BBC to be extremely biased against Labour, because it damages party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to Newscrasher last night, the Blairite  Member of Parliament for Exeter said: “I’m intensely relaxed about the huge pro-government bias in the BBC’s political and news coverage, because it does significant harm to Jeremy Corbyn.”

“This is a man with highly dangerous ideas about properly funded public services and making the rich pay their fair share of tax, which are just two of the hard left ideas Labour needs to reject if it wants to become a second Tory party, like we were during the Blair years.”

Mr Bradshaw continued: “Jeremy Corbyn is just too principled, and as such is getting in the way of those of us who stand for nothing except election. As a career politician with little interest in making the country work better for the poor and vulnerable, I’m hoping that through a combination of BBC bias and Blairite treachery, we will soon oust Corbyn and seize control of the party from the ill-advised Trots and Communists who oppose Tory austerity and the dismantling of the NHS.”

When asked whether Jeemy Corbyn should be given credit for Labour’s performance in the London and local elections, he said: “Labour’s good performance in local elections last week was all down to me, Ben Bradshaw, and had nothing whatsoever to do with Jeremy Corbyn. However, had Labour not done very well then I would have totally blamed it all on Jeremy.”

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    1. Yes, it’s a joke… news crasher is like newsthump or the daily mash. I’m surprised you didn’t pick that up from the undertone of the artical.

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