Our Lord Jesus Christ would support Tory austerity, claims Stephen Crabb

Jesus Christ would agree with the cruel austerity policies of the Conservative Government, Stephen Crabb has claimed.

Speaking during David Cameron’s international conference on ‘How to Increase the Suffering of the Poorest in Society While Pretending to Make the World a Better Place’, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions said: “Our Lord Jesus Christ would totally have given approval to our government’s vindictive austerity policies.”

“Jesus himself lived without possessions, setting an example of austerity which we are now trying to impose on the working poor and the unemployed, much to their detriment.”

“Among the most relevant messages in the Bible is how God created us sick and commanded us to be well, much like the Fitness to Work assessments which have seen the severely ill and disabled commanded to heal themselves or regrow missing limbs, under threat of sanctions, starvation and certain death.”

“Jesus showed us there is virtue in suffering and starvation, for at the end of his life Christ was hounded by the authorities, before being tortured to death by cruel government officials. Much like my Government Department is trying to do to the poor, vulnerable and disabled in Britain today.”

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10 thoughts on “Our Lord Jesus Christ would support Tory austerity, claims Stephen Crabb”

    1. religion has been used to justify the class differences ever since the Romans crucified Christ. even then there was slavery and welfare reforms.
      to paraphrase Marxist teachings think about the hymn All things bright and beautiful which mentions the ‘ lowly and poor. it gives the poor hope and promises them better things in the future ( when dead) isnt this a little reminiscent of tory austerity policies. Do the tories expect the working poor to accept their status in society?To confuse the matter even more and as proof the part politics system doesnt work in interests of the people i offer these questions. 1) who said ” society doesnt exist ” and 2) ‘there are no classes in society’
      Answer these for yourself and remember there are many in parliament who agreed at the time despite the obvious contradiction.

  1. Unfortunately as a Buddhist I do not have the privilege of hiding behind an imaginary friend that excuses my inaction when confronted with the suffering of my fellow man. It does not take being a man of faith to find your comments abhorrent just being a decent human being.

    1. Well that’s not very Universal is it? As a person of Multifaith I see all God as Good. You’re, however, not wrong…

  2. Here is another ‘yes’ mam for Cameron, make the poor poorer and tge rich richer, ……but we’re onto you Crab tree as we were with IDS …..man the life boats it won’t be long.

  3. He is a disgusting individual. But… um… I’m not certain all these comments understand it is a piece of satire.

    1. It is a sad reflection on the casual cruelty which has become part of government policy, that a satirical piece is difficult to distinguish from government rhetoric and policy.

  4. It is rediculous that this MP is quoting religion I think he may be disillusioned and not too bright why does he have this position it is blasphemous to quote the Lord Jesus

    1. “Not too bright” eh?
      This is a satirical piece. Or to put it another way: it’s made up, not real, didn’t happen.
      Who’s not too bright now?

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