I’m a modern day Churchill fighting against Hitler, Suggests Jeremy Hunt

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has today claimed his battle with the entire medical profession and the vast majority of the British public is ‘like being Winston Churchill fighting against Hitler’.

Mr Hunt told Newsnight: “I’m battling for Britain against doctors, against nurses and against patients, and I imagine this is how Winston Churchill felt at the height of the Battle of Britain, facing down the overwhelming odds of Hitler’s Nazi war machine.”

“When I wrote my book about how I would go about dismantling the NHS, I was absolutely clear that I am passionate about making the NHS work for those earning £100,000 a year or more, and for shareholders in the private medical industry, and this is exactly the aim of my demented plans for NHS reform.”

Commenting on the ongoing dispute between NHS staff and the Government, Boris Johnson said: “When I become Prime Minister of a fully independent United Kingdom, I will immediately abolish the National Health Service, or the ‘National Hitler Service’ as me and my Eton chums often call it, because it penalises those with vast inherited wealth like me, David Cameron, George Osborne, and many other Conservative MPs.”

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