Tories accuse others of being Hitler and fail to see the irony

Extreme-right politicians who have recently made ludicrous comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis have also failed to realise the irony, it has emerged.

One Tory politician, Boris Johnson, has even been diagnosed with ‘Hitler Tourettes’ by medical professionals after a series of bizarre outbursts which culminated in the claims that “the European Union is Hitler” and that he would be “a wonderfully British Hitler” if he were to become UK Prime Minister.

However, Mr Johnson’s claims were immediately rejected by Prime Minister David Cameron, who said that “wanting to leave the EU is like being ISIS and Stalin and Hitler all at the same time”.

When asked whether he recognises the unintended irony in his statement, Mr Cameron said: “I have completely failed to see the irony in it, yes.”

“Moreover, I have utterly failed to see the irony in my accusation that Jeremy Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser, an accusation I made just a few months after I proposed giving air support to help terrorists in Syria.”

“What’s more, I have also missed the obvious irony in accusing Labour of being anti-semitic, when I am in fact leader of a hard-right party that is crammed full of racists and bigots.”

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