Iain Duncan Smith to change name to ‘Iain Dunked In Shit’

Former Minister for Manslaughter Iain Duncan Smith is to change his name to ‘Iain Dunked In Shit’, it has emerged.

The hard-right politician said: “In 2010 when I began my quest to make Britain great again by killing the poor and disabled, I had every confidence that I would soon become the most popular politician in the history of this country.”

“But inexplicably, my cruel policies have drawn widespread criticism and my otherwise good name has been ruined. All because the people have failed me.”

Explaining the name change, Mr Duncan Smith told Newscrasher: “With my public image in tatters, I decided it was high time I reinvented myself. And that is why I have chosen to take one of the many offensive nicknames that members of the public have affectionately been calling me as I slowly ruined their lives.”

“At least as Iain Dunked In Shit I can pretend I’m in on the entirely justified jokes and abuse I am facing as a direct consequence of my sickening hard-right policies.”

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