BBC to overdub future booing of Laura Kuenssberg with rapturous applause

The BBC has announced it is to overdub all future booing of Laura Kuenssberg with rapturous applause, in order to ‘nullify the threat to her free speech from terrorist sympathisers who want to overthrow the government’.

The announcement comes after a number of people booed the BBC’s chief political editor as she began to ask a question at a speech by Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking after the event, Laura Kuenssberg said: “A few people who support Jeremy Corbyn booed me, and I will now proceed to use this as yet another excuse to attack him. With any luck, this will create enough of a diversion to take the pressure off our brave Prime Minister as his party is rocked by a massive electoral fraud scandal.”

Mrs. Kuenssberg added: “The people who booed me clearly oppose the Conservative Government, which was elected by the people in 2015 with only minor irregularities and cheating. And by wanting to overthrow the government at the next election by voting for Labour, they show what utter disrespect they have for democracy and my freedom to use our public broadcaster as the propaganda wing of the Tory party.”

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