Britain First to hold ‘ugliest face of British fascism’ competition

Far-right group Britain First has announced it will hold a competition to find ‘the ugliest face of British fascism’, it has emerged.

Britain First leader Paul Golding said: “Like many fascist groups, we have something of an image problem, but we believe our Ugliest Face of British Fascism contest represents the final solution to our woes.”

“We will tour the country stirring unrest and bigotry, and will leave no stone unturned in our as yet unsuccessful quest to bring attractive and articulate white, British racists into our dangerous neo-fascist group.”

A spokesman for the group confirmed that neither Golding nor his deputy Jayda Fransen will enter the pageant ‘because their aryan beauty would see them vanquish all challengers’.

Newscrasher understands the formerly corrupt but now totally honest Neil Hamilton has agreed to be one of the judges.

However, both will feature alongside the lucky winners in a nude Britain First calendar which aims to raise funds for the purchase the uniforms Golding and his band of fascist ‘Greenshirts’ are in urgent need of.

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