Middle aged couple vote Brexit because Farage drank beer in pub

After weighing up the detailed arguments of the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ campaigns, a middle aged couple from Somerset have decided to vote Brexit because some ITV footage showed Nigel Farage chortling and drinking a pint of beer in a pub.

Man of the house Chris Bryant said: “Millionaire former stockbroker Nigel Farage is a true man of the people, as evidenced by his carefully stage-managed appearance at a pub to drink a pint of beer and have a bit of a chortle in front of some cameras.”

“Like him, we strongly resent the presence in Britain of anybody with the audacity to have been born on a bit of land that’s called something different to what our bit of land is called.”

Housewife Mary added: “My unfounded worries about out of control immigration are far more important than boring economic and political questions. I’m just so glad that nice Mr Farage is leading the proletarian Brexit revolution alongside unimpeachable media outlets like the Sun and the Daily Mail.”

“Despite his fascist past and apparent support for political violence, Mr Farage is a really nice man and we both consider him a national hero.”

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