Labour needs a racist leader, says Ben Bradshaw

Labour’s Ben Bradshaw has called for the overthrow of Jeremy Corbyn, and for his replacement by leader who is right-wing and racist, it has emerged.

The Blairite MP for Exeter told Newscrasher: “The result of the Brexit referendum and the recent surge in far-right activity highlights how out of touch Jeremy is with the public mood right now.”

“If our nasty little coup against Jeremy works, it will be absolutely crucial that he gets replaced by somebody who is right-wing and racist enough to capture the votes of Britain First sympathisers and those who blame foreigners for all their woes.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair added: “The party would do well to choose a leader with a strong aptitude for taking the country into al illegal war based on lies, resulting in the deaths and suffering of millions of innocent people across the Middle East.”

“But you know, at the end of the day I’d consider supporting any leadership candidate who wouldn’t send me to the Hague to answer for my alleged war crimes.”

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