Theresa May mulls removing ‘racially valuable children’ from deported EU migrants

Prime Minister Theresa May is considering removing ‘racially valuable children’  when deporting EU migrants, it has emerged.

Speaking outside Number 10, Mrs. May said: “For far too long the British public have tolerated foreigners coming to our shores to work, paying their taxes and making a positive contribution to the fabric of society.”

“On June 23rd, xenophobes from all across the country voted to take back their country and get rid of the foreigners who they wrongly blame for all their problems, thanks to cynical liars like me.”

“However, the expulsion of such a large number of working age people leaves the UK open to a demographic crisis, which is why the government will be taking the evidence based approach of removing racially valuable children from their parents prior to deportation.”

“I am not a cruel leader, and that is why I have decreed that no foreigners are to be harmed by any of the state’s official security apparatus during their detention in one of the new G4S deportation processing camps.”

“I can also give categorical assurances that the unusually large number of ovens in the camps is entirely innocent, as are the hair and gold-tooth recycling facilities.”

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