Head teachers must do more to combat social mobility, say Tories

Head teachers must do more to combat unacceptably high levels of social mobility, the government has demanded.

Education Secretary Justine Greening said: “The landslide victory we obtained in May last year gave us a clear mandate to institute a number of really quite nasty policies that were not actually mentioned in our manifesto. One of these policies is a crackdown on social mobility, starting in state schools.”

“For far too long, schools have educated children to a decent level, even those from left wing or poor families, helping them to achieve their potential and go on to have a rewarding career. This simply has to stop, and the poor need to learn their place is at the bottom, forever.”

“Our privatised academy schools have been doing a great job of prioritising private profits over quality of education, like the academy where poor pupils are water-boarded and forced to eat their lunch in isolation cells if their parents fall behind with school lunch payments.”

“I call on the headmasters of all remaining state schools to immediately privatise and implement these and other ground breaking Tory educational measures, or they shall face my wrath.”


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