Jeremy Corbyn biased against everyone, BBC claims

The BBC has defended its apparent bias against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by arguing that Corbyn is the one who is in fact biased.

A spokesperson for the BBC said: “Vampire antichrist Jeremy Corbyn and his communist nazi stormtrooper supporters often claim that the right wing media, including the pro-Tory BBC, are biased against him and the left. This could not be further from the truth.”

“In actual fact, it is Mr Corbyn and the left who are extremely biased, not only against the mainstream media, but also against the country in general, because Britain is a completely right wing country.”

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg added: “Ever since democracy was reestablished in 1979, Britain has always elected right wing governments. So when Jeremy Corbyn makes wild claims about media bias he is purposefully and malevolently offending every man, woman, child and cat in this amazing, God-fearing country.”

“And that is why I have been out to get him since day one of his tenure as leader. I loathe Jeremy Corbyn and everything he stands for, from his pathetic interest in lifting children out of poverty, to his squeamishness about dropping bombs on innocent children in Syria.”

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, wearing a tin foil hat to ‘block Momentum mind control rays’, said: “Jeremy’s idea of actually helping ordinary people, instead of bowing down to corporations and media magnates is so last century.”

“He needs to step aside for somebody a bit more electable, and by that I mean more right wing, so that Labour can return to power and do basically the same shit as the Tories. Perhaps we can get Hilary Benn in the cabinet again and start a few more illegal wars.”

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10 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn biased against everyone, BBC claims”

  1. he is sinister,no doubt about it, he is brainwashing people at events held across the country. I would not believe it if i did not see it with my own eyes. he talks to people and has a hypnotic affect on them. the crowd shout out yes jeremy hell yes. This has got to be stopped, as he is reaching out to everybody in all walks of does he get from Derby to matlock in such a short time, he purports to travel by train, I have my doubts as i did see a spaceship turn up out of the blue, jeremy and his team disapeared inside the vessel, we went on to matlock by car,jeremy was already there ? no spaceship in sight. is Jeremy in reality an alien from out of space, he needs catching and screened ASAP.

    1. Jeremy Corbyn isn’t brainwashing anyone. In my experience, he merely appeared speaking what I had already begun should be the way society needs to go. I’ve never even voted Labour in my life, because no political party so far near as damn it, represented my views.
      My views have come about from working at the coalface of the NHS since 70’s. More recently paying for my own nurse training, observation of fragmentation of services to patients. Successive Governments inability to see what is happening in real life and spout “right thing to do” yet have no insight. Having three beautiful intelligent children all suffer hidden disabilities swept aside to worthlessness by the DWP, being involved in networks and observing it really is lies en masse to thousands being relegated to desperation and suicide thoughts because the genuinely disabled are being labelled as frauds, liars, scroungers when many I know have ambition, hope, degrees, yet now depending on aging parents for a roof and food.

  2. What a load of rubbish it would be better if the BBC actually broadcast some of Mr Corbyns rallies instead of making up stupid stories like this would be closer to the truth, never read so much claptrap in my life

  3. This is why Britain is in so much trouble, right wing monsters have used the bank’s , press and many unscrupulous demons (Thatcher,major,Cameron and even Blair to justify their magnificent earnings thru cheating and lying. ) Many typical governments these last 30yrs have used spin and lies to further their own objectives and never once stay faithful to the electorate. Prove me wrong!!

  4. As is always the case with left wing politics , grandiose ideas without a clue as to how to pay for them, there has never been a country, run by a left wing government, that has prospered in the long run, they disguise the unemployment figures by creating non jobs in the civil services and nationalised industries all of whom have to be payed from other peoples taxes. and before anyone says civil servants pay taxes,NO, they are payed with taxes, that is why it is doomed to fail and always does.

    1. as opposed to mrs thatcher in the 80s and 90s when unemployment was astronomical. Almost felt sorry for her when she was unceremoniously booted out , discarded ,treated like something toxic by her beloved conservative party. Now they revere her, make out she is the best thing since sliced bread, what hypocrisy !

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