Tom ‘Blenkinstrop’ blocks everybody except himself in Twitter meltdown

By Jeff Sanchez and Dorothy Hotdog

Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop has blocked everybody except himself on Twitter, it has emerged.

“In abusing people on twitter I am creating a safe space where I can feel safe by having threatened others. Only by ignoring and abusing our opponents can the right of the party win,” the Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland said.

Twitter users have expressed surprise and mirth at the so-called ‘Blenkinstrop’. One user said: “when I heard the name Blenkinsop I imagined he was a sh*t comedian from Britain Has Talent. It turns out he’s a Blairite MP, so I was almost right.”

Among those blocked is Harry Leslie Smith (@harryslaststand).

“A 93 year old pensioner is particularly threatening. After all, in world war two he was killing Germans and that’s a skill you can never forget,” Blenkinsop added.

However, Harry hit back by tweeting: “It’s clear you are voting for a socialist platform in the Labour Party if you were .”

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3 thoughts on “Tom ‘Blenkinstrop’ blocks everybody except himself in Twitter meltdown”

  1. The bloke is unable to debate, he cannot even argue the case without throwing insults . All I said was I think Corbyn has a better understanding of poverty then Smith blocked.

    But he’s not the only MP who think swearing is a form of political debate , one told me to F off , you do not understand politics , well I do understand when somebody hammers me with cuts , or back wars or backs the Tories ideology.

    We have so many poor politicians who only way of dealing with questions is to block or insult. they are in labour for their careers nothing else.

  2. James O’Brien @mrjamesob

    So the LBC and BBC “presenter” who doesn’t want anyone ruining his carefully mantained timeline with his cheerleaders and agreeing supporters who agree with him. – So he blocks
    and/or mutes them before they can actuall say/do anything to this cloistered public schoolboy to maintain his “unbeaten record”.

    That’s why he’s being used to in depth interviews with Sadiq Khan for LBC. – As opposed to Tory Ferrari, who only did Boris Johnson,

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