Corbyn victory may lead to rioting again, warns Chuka Umunna

Rioting may ensue if Jeremy Corbyn wins the party’s leadership contest, Labour MP Chuka Umunna has warned.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Umunna said he ‘wouldn’t dismiss’ that victory for Jeremy Corbyn could pave the way for ‘a repeat of the social unrest’ some of the country experienced ‘during the last long period of Conservative government’. 

“I know I predicted rioting in the event of Jeremy winning the previous leadership election, but this time I’m totally sure there’ll be rioting if he wins. There can be no doubt about it.”

“The NEC will have to put out Jeremy’s picture in silence, because his identity by itself causes violence”, the MP for Streatham added.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “We stand ever vigilant to thwart possible left-wing thought crime in the form of expressions of support for Jeremy Corbyn or the NHS, both of which are tantamount to violent rioting and as such are proscribed activities under Theresa May’s Police State Act 2016.”

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10 thoughts on “Corbyn victory may lead to rioting again, warns Chuka Umunna”

  1. I cannot believe that Chuka Umunna could put out such PROPAGANDA I used to think he would make a great PM but not anymore he has destroyed the Labour party chance of winning the next election .He blames Jeremy for everything it was he and the other MPS that lost the last two election s not Jeremy .Every day those MPS are using Tory tactics making up outright lies and now rigging the vote to exclude members who are sympathetic to Jeremy . Their actions will destroy and empower the Tories

  2. What on earth is Chuka talking about!!! Corbyn is a man of peace, he understands more than any other politician about inequality in society and how to address this. Who will be rioting against this? Tories? Chuka’s comments are so ridiculous that we should question his suitability to remain as a Labour MP!

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