F*cking *rsehole is outraged about being called a f*cking *rsehole

Fucking arsehole Alastair Campbell has alleged that the shadow chancellor John McDonnell called him a ‘fucking arsehole’, it has emerged.

The alleged exchange is said to have taken place backstage after a live broadcast of BBC Question Time, a programme in which right wing panelists and a biased presenter queue up to abuse a Labour politician each Thursday evening.

During the programme, Mr. Campbell claimed that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are “destroying the Labour Party with their unfairly high level of integrity, and with their dangerous ideas about helping the poor and vulnerable.”

The former spin doctor also lambasted Jeremy Corbyn for his “shocking lack of enthusiasm for unjustified and illegal military invasions of oil-rich countries.”

It is understood that many on the right of the Labour Party had believed that going public about the shadow chancellor’s alleged outburst would gain them some much needed sympathy, but recent polling suggests Mr McDonnell’s popularity has in fact risen as a result of the incident.

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3 thoughts on “F*cking *rsehole is outraged about being called a f*cking *rsehole”

  1. A lister Campbell Anna Sour belly and Dumbleby ought to be ashamed of themselves attackingJohn Mcdowell like kids in a school playground attacking another kid who cannot protect himself because he has a disability.

  2. I watched it and Anna sour belly lol attacked John McDonnell verbally for no reason Dimbleby was mostly asleep Alastair Campbell was rude to everyone unbloody believable

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