Theresa May had a private meeting with her boss, Rupert Murdoch

Theresa May had a private meeting with her boss Rupert Murdoch during a visit to New York last week, in which she made her maiden speech to the UN as self-proclaimed dictator of the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister announced: “Rupert Murdoch is a great friend to the United Kingdom, and he has promised to keep on smearing Jeremy Corbyn as long as I do everything he asks of me, starting with hard Brexit and privatisation of the BBC.”

“We also discussed the possibility of having The Sun newspaper officially declared ‘Jewish’, so that any criticism or refusal to buy the paper could be prosecuted as a race hate crime. Of course, we’re going to need a lot more surveillance of the general public to enforce this.”

Speaking at the UN  general assembly, Mrs. May argued that the fraudulent EU referendum result was a signal that they want a “politics that is more in touch with their racist concerns and reckless action to address them”.

“It was also a very clear sign that the British people are ready for me to rule as a dictator, using the Royal Prerogative to bypass Parliament and simply do anything I want, whenever I want.”

“The challenge for those of us in this room is to ensure our governments and our global institutions, such as this United Nations, remain responsive to the people that we serve,” she added.

“When our friends in the media have brainwashed the people into being fearful of immigrants, then can we unleash our most repressive policies and destroy their lives with scams such as austerity and Brexit.”

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5 thoughts on “Theresa May had a private meeting with her boss, Rupert Murdoch”

  1. The BBC never reported UK PMs May’s visit to the US and meeting with Rupert Murdoch. The BBC within the last week [Nov. 2016 in the days before the US election] has also broadcast false & misleading information regarding PM May’s foreign travel, Sally Bundock stating “UK PM May’s first visit outside the European Union since Brexit” when visiting India. The BBC has somehow allocated two complaint ref. numbers, CAS-4076519-9VN1VZ & CAS-4076543-SLKMD0, to the complaint that I have lodged. The reply so far suggests the BBC has no intention of investigating, acknowledging and correcting the false information broadcast that may be interpreted as deliberate deception due to a policy of not broadcasting information that would embarrass PM May & Rupert Murdoch. Is the BBC independent of government editorial control & inappropriate influence?
    Contact with the BBC by others may encourage it to appropriately address the issue of their deception of the public.

  2. The BBC’s broadcast of false and misleading information – UK PM May’s foreign travel
    The BBC cable TV has for two days extensively [time consumed] reported on UK PM May’s visit to India as “UK PM May’s first visit outside the European Union since Brexit” [BBC’s Sally Bundock] with no reporting at any time of any UK PM visit to the US and meeting with Rupert Murdoch. Either the BBC or other news media including The Guardian got the news of UK PM May’s US visit wrong.
    I watch the BBC daily. There was also no BBC reporting of UK Murdoch news media employee Mazher Mahmood being convicted & jailed for media related corruption crimes.
    It is reasonable to wonder why the BBC, a UK publicly funded broadcaster, would not report on the travel of the UK PM. Is the BBC as much under government editorial control as Australia’s ABC? Is the BBC careful not to broadcast or publish anything that would embarrass the UK government, PM May and Rupert Murdoch? The BBC has allocated ref. numbers CAS-4076543-SLKMD0 and CAS-4076519-9VN1VZ to one complaint leading from a question on BBC policy regarding their BBC Sally Bundock broadcast of false and misleading information. The BBC, UK PM May [& PM Cameron before her] and Rupert Murdoch are also aware of Australian media related corruption in the form of fake archives of newspapers published imported to the UK by British Libraries UK London to assist in concealing crimes/corruption that is worthy of UK taxpayer attention. Some brief details can be viewed at
    It appears from the BBC’s replies to date that it intends to delay any reply to the complaint & evade the facts of apparent deceptive information broadcast impropriety.
    A previous post to this website has failed.

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