BBC Question Time to be renamed ‘Right Wing Anti Corbyn Time’

The BBC’s news and current affairs discussion programme Question Time is to be renamed ‘Right Wing Anti Corbyn Time’, it has been announced today.

A spokesman for the BBC said: “For a long time the British public has been moving towards the right, thanks to visionary journalism from papers such as The Sun and the Daily Express, and patriotic campaigning by fascist groups like UKIP, Britain First and the EDL.”

“By changing the name of Question Time to ‘Right Wing Anti Corbyn Time’, we are merely catching-up with public opinion which is now firmly hard right and violently anti-Corbyn.”

However, an anonymous source from the BBC told Newscrasher: “Here at the BBC we are just following the orders that come down from the boss in Number 10.”

“With numerous major ongoing scandals and massive incompetence from the Government, we are under strict orders to normalise hard right and far right political ideals, and divert attention from all the bad shit the Tories are up to right now, such as privatising the NHS and massive electoral fraud.”

“A key component of our current plan is to keep hammering away at Jeremy Corbyn, to ensure his popularity remains artificially low, and to send a message that Labour members must only ever choose right wing leaders.”

Right wing Labour rebel Tristram Hunt said: “I welcome the BBC’s war on Jeremy Corbyn, who has no right to lead the party. This is a man who is pure evil, because he wants not only to get into government on a left wing ticket, but also because he is honest enough to deliver on his manifesto promises unlike feted war criminal Tony Blair.”

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