We have a duty to report Conservative lies as facts, says BBC

The BBC has a legal and moral duty to report Conservative lies and misinformation as facts, it has been announced.

Speaking exclusively to Newscrasher, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg said: “As an integral part of the state propaganda network, the BBC has a legal and moral obligation to give undue prominence to claims made by the Conservative government, and to present their lies and misinformation uncritically and without scrutiny.”

“At the same time, we absolutely have to lead the media crack down on Labour, who are antisemitic and are trying to overthrow the government via the ballot box.”

The former Conservative Journalist of the Year added: “If Jeremy Corbyn’s red menace succeeds in thwarting the heroic austerity and NHS privatisation programmes of the most popular government in the history of Britain, then the nation truly will be in the shit, because it could lead to a slight decrease in the bank balance of some of the richest people in Britain and that would be unjust.”


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8 thoughts on “We have a duty to report Conservative lies as facts, says BBC”

  1. Is she for real
    The most unlikeable reporter ever to be with the bbc
    Instead of looking for any dirt she can find on Labour send her to Syria or Yemen to be a proper reporter like Kate Aide what a woman she put her life at risk to let us know what was happening in war torn countries.Carnt stand to listen to her

  2. what an absolute obnoctious individual.not oly does she shame herself but also demeans some very fine bbc journalists of the past.why am I paying for a licence to hear this 1984 garbage.I have never advocated the sacking of anybody but I would make an exception for this contemptable piece f shit.

  3. She needs to be removed from reporting ANY Political news. I really find her offensive and very condescending. Get used to the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is here to stay and become the next PM. You really do need to get your head out of the Tory Meir and understand that THE PEOPLE will destroy the CONS and Labour, under the direction of JC will put this country back where it should be……..YOU Ms. Kuenssberg need to get that clear in your head.

  4. To be honest I find the focus on the Labour Partys issues as a little irrelevant to whats happening in the UK. Im apolitical but like the majority of ordinary and non-ideologically driven citizens Im seriously concerned about the damage being done to our country by the Neo-Nastzy Conservative party.
    If those who are committed Labour members want to make a difference they will stop squabbling and get down being a CREDIBLE and EFFECTIVE opposition to this lurch to the Right.

    UBS commented today that the currency market is now the only credible opposition to the UK Governments policy.
    Thats how bad its got. Please please guys get back to what you were elected to do.

    1. the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality. Apolitical. Be involved.

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