Tories pledge to make UK a ‘National Socialist’ state by 2020

The Conservative Party is demanding that ‘National Socialism’ should be given a second chance in Britain, it has emerged.

Among the highlights of the Conservative Party conference this week, the hardline Tory fruitcake Andrea Leadsom said: “I’ve read up on some history and I think National Socialism is a fabulous idea. Let’s make Brexit Britain a National Socialist state by 2020.”

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has suggested that “British doctors and scientists should have their passports confiscated to force them to stay and work in Britain.”

He added: “And if they still try to flee the country to sell their knowledge to an enemy power in Europe or elsewhere, they will face good old imperial justice and will have a hand severed using a machete.”

Priti Patel has also proposed reintroducing the death penalty for foreigners and people who earn less than £100,000 a year, saying; “Equality is important, but discriminating against the poor and foreigners is even more important.”

“And that is why we should consider using the death penalty to speed up the cleansing of the poor and people who came here from somewhere else.”

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