Retailers face call to introduce discount card for Leave voters

Retailers must introduce discount cards so that Leave voters can avoid the massive price rises they have caused, Boris Johnson has demanded.

Speaking on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme, the Foreign Secretary said: “The ongoing collapse of the Pound against most other currencies is all because Remain voters are talking the country down.”

“Therefore, it is with the utmost urgency that I call on British retailers to insulate patriotic Leave voters from these unforeseen price rises that they didn’t cause, by issuing a patriotic Brexit discount card.”

The formerly pro-EU politician added: “The costs will be more than offset through a series of penalty charges to be imposed on the people who caused the collapse in the Pound, and by that I mean anybody who believes the UK should stay in the EU.”

Leave voter Chris Bumfield said: “Nobody could have predicted that unpatriotic Remain voters would talk-down the economy to such an extent that I too would be hit with dramatically higher retail prices, so I welcome the concept of a discount card to benefit me and all other Leave voters.”

The Britain First supporter added: “When I voted to leave the EU, I thought I’d only be ruining the lives of foreigners and stealing the future of young people, while awarding myself an even more comfortable lifestyle than I already had.”

“I wish one of those so-called ‘experts’ would have warned me about the consequences of Brexit.”

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