The Pound should shut up and get over it, a Leave voter has decided

The British Pound should shut up and get over the fact that it lost the referendum, a Leave voter has decided.

Chris Bumfield said: “On the 23rd of June, we voted to implement child-like economic and immigration policies which we believed would make us richer at the expense of foreigners and the young.”

“Unfortunately, those of us who voted to leave the EU were wrong about literally everything, and all the promises made by the Leave campaign turned out to be outright lies and were immediately discarded.”

“Nevertheless, the people have spoken and it is important for Britain to push on with its current suicidal course of action.”

“In light of this, I find it wholly unacceptable that the Pound has decided to go against the whim of the people by plunging in value against all other currencies, making everyone a lot poorer, including ignorant and proud Brexiters like me.”

“Our great British currency should just shut up and get over it. We won, it lost.”

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