Stop exposing us as heartless c**ts, Tory MPs tell social media users

Tory members of Parliament have demanded that social media users stop exposing them as heartless c**ts, it has emerged.

Iain Duncan Smith said: “As Minister for Manslaughter, I voted to take money away from disabled people because it is in the national interest for the most vulnerable people to be demonised, hounded and starved to death.”

“I also tried to get as many children into poverty as possible, through a series of sadistic cuts to benefits, and an unfair regime of sanctions which punish benefit claimants for things like being ill or dead.”

“I am now quite shocked and saddened that social media users are exposing me as a heartless cu*nt by publicising my voting record and excessive expense claims on Facebook and Twitter.”

“This has to stop, and we will be consulting lawyers about what action we can take to shut down this unwelcome dissent.”

Mr Duncan Smith added: “Just because we’re enacting Nazi policies in modern Britain, that doesn’t give social media users the right to expose the truth about heroes like me.”

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