Unelected elite are subverting democracy, says paper owned by a foreign unelected elite

The unelected elite are subverting democracy, according to a newspaper that is owned by a foreign born unelected elite.

The latest accusation by the Sun ‘newspaper’ comes in the wake a High Court ruling that we do still have laws and democracy in this country, and that the Prime Minister should stop pretending the people voted for a dictatorship.

Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie said: “It is an outrage that three unelected judges who are probably not even racist can reach a decision that I do not like, based on an objective and dispassionate examination of the law.”

“They and the majority of the British public are all enemies of the people because they oppose Brexit.”

Speaking from atop a mountain of cash on a private island, the foreign-born unelected elite Rupert Murdoch added: “Over the years I have spent a considerable sum of money stoking anti-foreigner racism and resentment using my shit rag The Sun.”

“But now the unelected elite in the judiciary and on Match of the Day, some of whom are either gay or from Leicester, are attempting to subvert democracy and overturn the will of Sun readers, who have very real ‘concerns’ about immigration and Jeremy Corbyn.”

“It now goes without saying that my assistant Theresa May must find a way to bend the United Kingdom to my fascist will, because I’m not about to see my investment in hate go to waste now.”

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One thought on “Unelected elite are subverting democracy, says paper owned by a foreign unelected elite”

  1. People are realising that complaining to to the Self-regulated Press ( http://www.ipso.co.uk ) about this encouraging of hatred through the press is achieving nothing.
    For this reason, some have taken to tearing out bits of the first pages of the Three Hates (Sun, Mail, Express – all of them owned by Non-Doms and registered Offshore for tax purposes) to prevent them being sale-able (always leaving the front pages unsullied).
    Time was, I’m sure we had a proper, official system for preventing such abusive press… but that was back in the ‘Bad Old Days’ of Labour.

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