World definitely fucked now, experts confirm

The world is now definitely totally fucked now, experts have confirmed.

Professor Chris Bumfield from the Idiocracy Research Institute said: “Our extensive scientific research into the human condition has revealed that the majority of people in every country are stupid, and are doomed to repeat the terrible mistakes of our forefathers, such as electing right wing, racist dickheads to run their country into the ground.”

“Thus, our inescapable conclusion is that the entire world is definitely totally fucked, for all eternity.”

However, not everybody agrees with this conclusion.

British fascist figurehead Nigel Farage, speaking from the head of a combined force of English Defence League and British National Party militants, said: “I congratulate the American people for ignoring all the evidence and all the experts, to elect my good friend Donald Trump to the position of fuhrer for life.”

A spokesman from the Trump campaign said: “The president-elect is eager to get started with all his childlike plans to fuck the US economy, to build that massive wall, and maybe also invade Canada.”

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