BBC pretends it is unfamiliar with concept of fake news

The BBC honestly had no idea until now that fake news can be a powerful tool to manipulate public opinion, it has emerged.

A spokesperson for the formerly objective media outlet told Newscrasher: “In all honesty, we had no idea at all that carefully crafted fake news stories, when published by an ostensibly objective media outlet like the BBC, can sway public opinion to vote a bunch of fascists into power.”

“To feign surprise we’ll probably just run a couple of stories about online satirical news publishers like News Thump, the Daily Mash or News Crasher, to direct attention away from mainstream fake news outlets like the Daily Mail, the Sun, or the BBC, all of whom regularly publish fake news designed hoodwink the public into voting against their own self interest.”

“The pro-Conservative, pro-Brexit bias we inject into our output is purely coincidental, of course, and is nothing to do with the large number of Tories who work here at the BBC.”

“The only plausible explanation we can think of right now is that immigrants, Jeremy Corbyn and the European Union are to blame for this bias, just as they are the cause of everything bad ever.”

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